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How many SmartPoints® am I allowed on WW (Weight Watchers)?

Find out more about SmartPoints, and how many you get a day.

What are SmartPoints?


There's no calorie counting on the WW programme; instead, we use SmartPoints, which are far smarter than counting calories alone.

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SmartPoints is a simple counting system that naturally guides you towards a healthier pattern of eating.

Foods that are higher in sugar and/or saturated fat are higher in SmartPoints values, and foods that are higher in lean protein are lower in SmartPoints values.

Why the move away from calories? Because they only tell part of the story. For instance, 100 calories worth of cookies doesn’t have the same nutritional value as 100 calories of turkey, tofu or veggies.

Two meals might contain the same number of calories, but have a very different SmartPoints value. Click here to see an example of how this works, and to read more about the benefits of SmartPoints over calorie counting.


How to get your SmartPoints number


When you download the app, you’ll be prompted to provide details including your age, height, weight and gender. Based on this information, you’ll receive a personalised SmartPoints Budget. This is formulated to ensure you lose weight while getting all the nutrients you need.

Say your daily SmartPoints Budget is 23. This is how your My Day screen - the first screen that pops up when you open the app - will look at the beginning of the week.


SmartPoints glossary


Daily used

The number of SmartPoints you’ve used throughout the day.

Daily remaining

The number of remaining SmartPoints you have left that day.

Weekly remaining

If you go over your dailies, you can tap into your weekly SmartPoints Budget (also known as weeklies). They reset (you guessed it!) every week. Spend them a little each day, save them for the weekend or choose not to use them at all.


Up to four unused dailies will automatically roll over into your weeklies. Let’s say you have a daily Budget of 23 and your day looks like this:

  • Breakfast: French berry overnight oats (4SP)
  • Snack: Fresh fruit salad (0SP)
  • Lunch: Cajun turkey salad (1SP)
  • Snack: Root vegetable crisps with houmous (3SP)
  • Dinner: Chicken kiev (7SP)
  • Dessert: Chocolate mousse with salted caramel crumble (5SP)

Total = 20 SmartPoints

The extra 3 SmartPoints will be automatically rolled over into your weeklies to give you more flexibility later in the week. Remember that your weeklies don't roll over, so use them or lose them!

Please note: these SmartPoints values are correct for the Blue plan on the myWW™ programme, and may differ on Green or Purple.

You can also eat your FitPoints®


Just like SmartPoints help you be mindful of what you're eating, FitPoints​ help you become aware of how active you are. You earn FitPoints for all physical activities, from running and resistance training to activity in disguise, like gardening or cleaning your house.

If you’ve earned enough FitPoints and you’ve run out of weeklies, you can swap them for SmartPoints if you like.


Does my SmartPoints Budget change as I lose weight?


As you lose weight, your personalised SmartPoints Budget changes. A smaller body uses less energy, so requires fewer SmartPoints to continue to lose weight. Don’t worry - it’s formulated to ensure you always get the right amount of nutrients.

When you reach your goal weight and switch to maintenance, your budget shifts slightly upwards so you don’t lose too much weight.


How can I track my SmartPoints? 


Our highly rated app is the simplest way to keep track of what you eat. It’s really easy to look up the SmartPoints values of the foods you eat every day, whether those foods are in your kitchen cupboards, a supermarket, a restaurant, or at a party.

However many SmartPoints you use, remember to track them. Tracking and being aware of your eating pattern is a healthy habit - and our innovative rewards programme WellnessWins™ celebrates your healthy habits with FREE rewards, delivered right to your door! Find out more here.

Remember, you don’t need to track foods that have a SmartPoints value of zero. Find out more about ZeroPoint™ foods.