Sarah: ‘I didn’t want anyone to know my start weight’

When Sarah joined as a digital member, it was because she didn’t feel confident enough to attend Workshops alone. But what she didn’t expect was that she’d find a whole new virtual tribe of supportive, like-minded people right there in the WW app…
Published 27 April, 2020

Name: Sarah

Age: 27

Weight lost: 10st

Member type: Digital


I joined as a Digital member because I wasn’t brave enough to go to a Workshop alone. It was January 2018, and at that time, I didn’t want anyone to know my start weight. At 22st 11lb I was the biggest I’d ever been. It felt very personal. Losing weight seemed like a huge mountain to climb. I was worried I’d fail and end up feeling embarrassed facing the group every week.


Online support

Now I know that wouldn’t have been the case as WW is full of supportive people, as I discovered on the WW app. As a digital member I discovered an amazing online community of people who were just like me – and they’d been successful, which was hugely encouraging.


Learning new skills

At first, my biggest challenge was breaking the chain of emotional eating. I used to buy giant bars of chocolate and bottles of cola, and eat and drink them secretly. It was something I’d done nearly all my life – I knew it wasn’t going to change overnight. But WW helped me to develop the skills to handle it better. If I find myself reaching for comfort food, I get stuck into something else, like going for a walk, listening to one of my children reading, having a shower or playing music.


A whole new world

I’ve always loved my life, even when I was bigger. But I also love that I’m now able to be a much more confident and braver version of myself. I was scared when I was bigger – scared of social events, scared of making new friends, scared of not fitting in, scared of trying new things. I still feel afraid sometimes, but I don’t want to just fade away into the background. I don’t want to let great opportunities pass me by any more. I’m so glad I joined WW. Weight loss was my initial goal and losing 10st has been amazing. But finding myself, forming new habits and making new friends – now that I have the confidence to speak to others – has been an incredible bonus.