Natasha ‘WW taught me it’s not just about the scales’

When member Natasha joined WW, she fully expected to lose weight. What she didn’t expect, though, was to gain a load of other benefits along the way.
Published 23 January, 2020

Age: 33

Weight lost: 4st 1lb

WW Workshop: Digital member

Growing up, I was lucky. We rarely ate fast food or takeaways. In my Middle Eastern culture, food is a big part of our lives – it’s all about gathering around a table, cooking together and bonding over a meal. I’d inherited that passion but as a busy working mum, I’d started to rely on convenience foods. I’d lost my love of cooking and, worse still, I’d slowly been gaining weight. I’d become unhappy, uncomfortable and lacking in confidence, and knew something had to change.

My sister had lost 8st at WW so I knew it worked – and in June 2018 I decided to give it a go, too. I’ve since lost more than 4st and, although my confidence started to grow as soon as I started losing weight, I soon realised it was the non-scale victories – or NSVs – I experienced on the way to goal that were the biggest game-changers.

NSV 1: Gaining a healthier mind

It was a big turning point for me when I realised WW wasn’t just about the food I was eating, but also how I was feeling and my mindset. Like many parents, I often forget about my own needs. WW taught me it’s not just about the scales – it’s about feeling confident and happy too.

When life gets overwhelming, I use the Headspace meditations in the WW app that have been curated specifically for members. Sometimes I get the whole family involved – we’ll turn off our iPads, light candles, lie down in the living room and put on a Headspace meditation. It’s a great way to chill out and spend time together.

It’s made me realise how important it is to have a heathy mind as well as body, and I now have the tools to feel much stronger and more in control.

NSV 2: Gaining a new wardrobe

I used to take clothes to the fitting room and cry when I tried them on. I’d wear peplum tops to cover my hips or pile on so many layers I’d almost disappear.

As I started to lose weight my confidence increased and I lost my anxiety about shopping. It was strange to hit the high street and try on any style or shape of clothes I wanted, without worrying. I no longer picked up clothes thinking: ‘Is this going to fit?’ I started experimenting with textures and colours and felt so confident that I started posting online videos about my fashion choices.

NSV3: Gaining body confidence

I used to look back on old photos and feel a bit sad about how I looked. After joining WW, though, things were different. As I lost a couple of pounds each week, I started to regain my body confidence. Perhaps it was the looser waistband, or maybe the boost I got from being in control and eating well – but I started to feel good about myself.

People say they now notice a difference in me: the way I talk and how I carry myself. I was even approached online with an opportunity to model Holly Willoughby’s clothes collection for Marks & Spencer – I’d never have had the guts to say yes to that before.