A simple mindset shift means Mandi has lost weight for good

Now she’s happier, healthier and knows she’ll remain diet-free for life
Published 25 March, 2021

Mandi's weight loss story

When Mandi joined WW, she was determined to lose weight so she’d feel more comfortable on an upcoming family holiday. Little did she know that as well as achieving her weight-loss goal, losing 3st 7lb in 16 months, it’d be her first step on a path towards self-respect, self-care and a new relationship with food that means she’ll never go on a diet again.

Mandi's 'why'

"I want to LIVE not just exist! In order to be the best version of myself, the best Mum, wife and friend, I need to look after me, from the inside out."

Healthy eating is a form of self-care

“I used to say, ‘I just need to lose weight’ but thanks to WW, it’s become about so much more than that. When I eat well I feel better about everything else in my life. I believe that healthy eating is a form of self-care and self-respect. My new mindset helps me eat well and stay active because now I appreciate that those things nourish my whole being, not just my body.”

Exercising is (honestly!) fun too

“After I lost 1st 5lb decided to do a bootcamp session with a local personal trainer because I had energy to burn. I thought I was actually going to die the first time, but gradually it got easier.

Now I’ve made the commitment to myself to move my body everyday. Not only for my physical health, but mental health also. With access to loads of workouts in the WW app, exercise at home has never been easier.”

I’ve come a long, long way

“When I turned 18, the weight just crept up. I was always the life of the party, but really, it was just a show to cover up how embarrassed I felt about being overweight. I was ashamed about the way I looked and I let that consume me. Then I put more weight on when I was pregnant with both of my children, even though I did manage to lose some in between having Xavier, who’s now 13, and Sunny, who’s 10. For years, as soon as the kids went to bed I’d start eating. I’d go to bed feeling so sick and upset with myself.”

I’ve learned to love ‘me’

“And funnily enough it’s not just because I’ve lost weight. Not too long ago I was at the beach with my husband Ricky. Under my dress I was wearing the first bikini I’d owned since I was 14 but I couldn’t find the courage to show it off. I said to Ricky, ‘Look at that girl – she has cellulite like me but she looks fabulous in her bikini’. He said, ‘Yes, and so do you’. Then I saw another woman and said, ‘Look, she has stretchmarks like mine but how good does she look in that two piece?’. Again, Ricky said, ‘Yes, and so do you’.

“I was so used to feeling ashamed of how I looked and have been consumed with self-criticism ever since I was a teenager. But as we sat there, I realised that what I’d been seeing as physical flaws were really just part of who and what I am – a wife and a mother in my 30s who’s learning to be kind to myself. Now I’ve stopped focusing on what I don’t like when I look in the mirror and make the effort to notice that I look healthier and stronger, instead.”

This is for the the rest of my life

“When I look at photos from that family holiday we took, I feel proud of how much I’d achieved before we set off. But not long before I joined WW, I was diagnosed with intracranial hypertension and was put on medication to manage it because it was causing terrible headaches and affecting my eyesight. Being overweight isn’t linked to the condition but my eye specialist and my neurologist both suggested it would help if I was a healthy weight. Three years on, I’ve been able to stop taking medication and I feel incredible. I’m proud of that, too. I’m having the best time of my life and I know it’ll be for the rest of my life.”