Malou: "WW just works and is even better with a friend!"

Malou joined WW Digital along with her friend Angela and reached their goals together.
Published 17 July, 2019

Malou lost 3st 2lb

It’s something that a lot of us experience: when you start out on a weight loss plan you set yourself a weight goal, but after a while you start feeling so comfortable that you lose sight of that goal. This is what happened to me the first time I decided to lose weight with WW. Then, over time, my weight started to creep back up again. I always kept WW in the back of my mind, but my real “click” moment happened when my friend Angela told me after having given birth that she wanted to lose her pregnancy weight. I told her about how well WW had already worked for me, and she was convinced. We started together with WW Digital – and now I’ve reached my absolute goal weight. Losing weight with a good friend motivated me so much that I managed to meet my goal. It feels great to have gone the distance – I feel so strong inside, and I’m sure that my success won’t slip away!

If you’re going to enjoy chocolate, really enjoy it!

At work, there are sweets everywhere. I used to eat a chocolate bar every day – often when I got to work in the morning. When I signed up to WW, I told myself: if you’re going to have chocolate, don’t eat it out of boredom or routine, but take the time to really enjoy it in the evening, and be mindful about it. This worked! WW helped remind me that sweets, alcohol and baked goods aren’t supposed to be staples of your diet, but are to be enjoyed in moderation.

Stronger for sports

Along with Angela, I’ve been playing handball for years. I consider myself a real athlete. Of course, being prone to injuries comes along with this. With my healthy body weight, I feel stronger and can also recover from workouts more quickly than before – a good foundation for trying new kinds of sports, too!

My favourite WW tool

Easy: the recipe search in the app. Whenever I found an interesting recipe, I told my mum about it and she’d cook it herself and bring me over a portion. She joined WW Digital at the same time as me, mainly to help support me with my goal.

Malou lost 3st 2lb over 8 months with WW Digital.