The danger of not knowing what's going on!

Seema lost 1st with WW!*
Published 3 December, 2020

I was starting to feel very tired, and attended my gp, who suggested I get a full blood count done. Not expecting anything, I was shocked to discover I was pre-diabetic, with an HBA1C reading of 43! Of course, I was shocked, but knew I had to do something about it, as I didn’t want to end up on lots of medication and be a diabetic. I was then referred to the NHS NDPP Healthier You scheme with WeightWatchers by the practice nurse, and I was so glad this happened.

I was suffering extreme tiredness, and also carpel tunnel in my hands. My weight was starting to constantly creep up, and I wasn’t able to do as much exercise, meaning I was getting breathless walking upstairs…..not good.

I joined the WW virtual workshops, and was a little nervous, but it’s been the best thing I have ever done. Getting online was easy, and I have met lots of likeminded members who have the same issues as me, so we all help support each other, and the WW coaches are great, and help keep you on track, and have given me that much needed motivation when I have really needed the support. The food tracking on the app is so easy and has really made me look at what I am eating on a daily basis. I used to eat toast with butter and jam, and used to take 3 sugars in my tea, or a bacon sandwich for breakfast. My portions were just too big, and I loved chips. Working for KP snacks, made it too easy to have quick easy access to higher smartpoint snacks. I’m now eating better with poached eggs, fresh salads, and home-made soups, WW snacks, and my tea now has no sugar, and I love a green tea or plenty of water. I also ensure my meals are correctly portioned and that’s helped.

It’s been a great experience because my HBA1C has gone from 43 to 37 so I am no longer pre-diabetic. My weight has gone from 11st 7 to 10st 6, and even though my NHS referral has come to an end, I have continued as a paying member, because I love what WW offers, and how much it has changed my life. I still want to attend the virtual workshops, and have access to the app, as its really helping me change my lifestyle for the better.

My lifestyle has completely changed. I have loads more energy, meaning I now exercise and walk lots more than I ever did. I love using my bike and stepper, and my fitness levels are much better. I now walk at lunchtimes, rather than sitting at my desk. All these changes have made a hug difference. My portion control with food is better and I eat less carbs and the tracking helps with this. I have more energy and feel I can do more. The biggest change for me is I am no longer in the danger zone of being diabetic. Since I am no longer pre-diabetic I am no longer as tired as much and my carpel tunnel has almost gone. My general fitness is now great.

Thank you to the NHS for referring me, and WW for helping me become the new person that I am.