Diabetes won't get me!

Jeannie lost 6st 1lb with WW!*
Published 3 December, 2020

My weight loss journey started a long time ago after I had my first son. He is now 55! I didn’t have a good start in life, as my mum died when I was 3, and my brothers were only 4 and 6. She brought us to London from Canada, and our father was meant to join us, but never did! We then got sent to live with an aunt in Scotland. I met my husband Tommy when I was 14 and was married with children by 18. That’s where it all started, as I felt unloved, and this was the start of my eating troubles. I became a recluse as I wouldn’t go out as I was so big and felt uncomfortable. This made my marriage difficult, but we worked through things, and I got help. I was starting to binge eat, and this led to me becoming an emotional eater as the years went by. I even attended counselling, and suffered really bad depression, and this cycle went on and on. I felt I was finally getting myself together, when my brother became ill, and I had to help look after him, and so the cycle began again, as I struggled to cope with the current situation.

I was slowing getting back to caring about myself when COVID struck, and of course like a lot of people it hit me hard as I sunk back into depression. My husband and family were so patient with me, and we got through the 1st lockdown, and I faced up to my weight loss issue, and realised that only I could do something about it.

I was visiting my GP, and my brother had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, when I saw a poster for the NHS Healthier You NDPP (National Diabetes Prevention Programme) scheme, and felt it was a calling for me. I filled out the online form and was accepted as a self-referral in Oct 2020. I was nervous but excited to be taking back control.

I started on the WW weight-loss programme where I had to track most of my food choices which made me more accountable for everything I ate and drank. I then decided I would walk everyday which I didn’t like, and I would only walk minimum steps at the start. I would avoid any hills when I could and struggled at first.

I changed my eating habits, walked a little further each time, and I started to feel better in myself and the weight was starting to move. Even when it was cold and frosty outside, I didn’t let that stop me and I discovered you tube channel for aerobics. The activity was starting to come naturally, and I even bought a new raincoat, so the rain no longer stopped me.

I used to eat large bowls of cereal for breakfast with toast and full fat butter, lots of fried foods. I would grace on snacks all day like crisps, chocolate and I loved too much wine. With lockdown I also found I was ordering these things twice….in my online shopping then when I went to the shops. It was a double whammy! Thankfully WW has taught me to eat lots more food, but the right types of food and I now eat bran flakes and banana for breakfast, brown bread sandwiches with no butter, lots of fresh fish and chicken for dinner, and my snack are now yoghurt and fresh fruits, and I love my WW bars.

I used to sit about all day in my dressing gown, but now as soon as I’m awake I get into my fitness gear, so I’m set for my activity.

A friend last week said well done on my weight loss and I said I used to look at pictures of people who had lost lots of weight and think why I can’t do that, and her husband replied you could, and you did, so I am now proud of myself and look forward to my next blood test in June

Now I can walk and not worry about the hills, and not get breathless anymore or need to use my emergency inhaler at all. I can order cloths online in one size, my mental health has improved so much I can run up the stairs without thinking and run about with our great grandchildren at the park instead of just sitting watching. Everyday life is just BETTER!

I have now lost 5 st 6.5 lbs, went from a clothes size 22 to 12, and love clothes shopping now we can shop again! My BMI has dropped from 39.3 to 24.8. My blood sugar level has now dropped to 38, which is just incredible, and had reversed my diabetes. I have lost over 30 inches to say I feel like a new person is an understatement and I would like to thank the NHS and WW for giving me my life back I can now go to the park with our great grandchildren and run about with them instead of just sitting watching,