Success Stories

Fay and Dale: "It's been a really positive journey"

Couple Fay Dickson, 29, and Dale Robinson, 30, have watched their happiness and confidence soar since joining WW.
Published 6 September, 2020


Age: 29
Height: 5'9"
Start weight: 20st 3lb
Current weight: 14st 8.5lb
Goal weight: 12st 7lb
Start date: January 2019


Age: 30
Height: 6'
Start weight: 17st 1lb
Current weight: 13st 3lb (goal weight)
Start date: January 2019

What was your 'why' for joining WW?

Fay: I've always wanted to be healthier and lose weight. I joined because I was getting fed up of not being able to find clothes in my size - I wanted to wear nice clothes and feel good about myself. I was also feeling sluggish and not great in general. Because mum spoke so highly of WW, I decided to give it a go.

Dale: I felt out of breath and tired all the time. It got to a point where the most amount of exercise we did was going to the kitchen to get food! We’d see our friends and people online doing nice things like going for long walks. My 'why' was to be healthier, because I knew I shouldn't be feeling this way at 29. It was a confidence thing as well. When we went on holiday to Crete, I felt self-conscious wearing shorts or swimming trunks, and felt like people were judging me for what I ate. 

So did you join together? 

Fay: I joined first, and when Dale found out that no food is off-limits (burgers are his favourite!), he joined too. The extra support has really helped. 

Dale: We love eating out at restaurants, and what I love about WW is that you can have whatever you fancy, as long as you stick to your SmartPoints Budget. You can still go to your favourite restaurant and just tweak your usual order.

You live apart - how do motivate each other from a distance?

Fay: We’re constantly in contact with each other on FaceTime or on the phone. If one of us fancies something for dinner that make us veer off track, we discuss it.

Dale: When one of us is having a “weak” moment, the other one is there to say: “Think about what you’re doing, do you really want it?” so it works out quite well.

How did you find your first Workshop?

Dale: I remember walking through the doors with my anxiety through the roof. I thought I would enter a whole room of women staring at me, but everyone was welcoming and in the same boat. There was such a mixture of people including other men, and I felt really at ease with it straightaway. My Coach was also really good. 

What positive changes have you noticed since joining WW?

Fay: The confidence I've gained, and feeling like I can do more things - like hiring a segway at Center Parks. I always thought I was too big to go on one and have always talked myself out of it. But when I tried it, I loved it! We’re doing more fun things and enjoying living life to the fullest. 

Dale: I'm enjoying the activity side of things, like going for walks every night. I even bought hiking boots! We're making more of an effort to go out and see the world rather than staying in. I've done so many 'quick-fix' diets in the past, but the WW weight-loss programme just works. I've maintained a stable weight for a year. 

How do your friends and family feel about your WW journey?

Fay: They love it. They’re amazed and impressed with the transformations. 

Dale: Mum always thinks I’m too thin regardless! My family has noticed my confidence shoot up. I watched videos where I saw myself hiding under big jackets, looking at the floor. Now, I’m more confident.

How has your relationship with food and cooking changed since joining WW? 

Fay: The WW programme has made us more aware of what we’re actually putting into our mouths. We think twice about what we’re eating, and why. Portion size has been a big issue for us - like rice, we’ve really looked at portion sizes. 

Dale: I plan the whole week out, and what I want to eat. I've also started cooking more - that's another great thing about the programme, it gets you experimenting in the kitchen and trying new things, like chickpeas!

How has your mindset changed since joining WW?

Fay: Dale says i’ve completely changed; that mentally I'm more together. 

Dale: She's a completely different person.

Fay: Before, I used to be down and miserable about everything, but I'm happier since joining WW.

Dale: It’s been a really positive journey. Before joining WW, I felt low and hid from the world. But you get so much encouragement from your Coach and from other WW members - it’s a big community that helps each other.

Fay: You end up opening up and blooming. 

Dale: I'm an emotional eater, but my mindset has changed - instead of eating, now I'll go for a walk or do some form of exercise. I always feel better after a walk, and find I often need that time to collect my thoughts. It's something that's helped me stay at goal. 

How did lockdown affect your journey, and what have you learnt? 

Fay: Lockdown has been great in terms of spending time together. We’ve enjoyed prepping meals and cooking together, whereas before we were only able to do that at weekends. We’ve really thrown ourselves into it during lockdown. We started planning our meals for the week every Sunday, too. The programme has really helped me mentally over lockdown. Everything that was going on in the beginning was totally out of my control, whereas WW was something I could control, so it helped to block other things out. 

Dale: The dance videos, boxing - all the workouts in the app - were really good to keep the momentum going over lockdown. WW adapted so quickly. 

What are your three favourite things about the app?

Fay: I love the tracking - it’s like my bible. I love the activity section and seeing how many steps I've done, and being able to turn it into SmartPoints. 

Dale: It's always great to see the Fitpoints you've earned when you connect to your Fitbit. 

Fay: I also love the recipes. 

Dale: I'm loving the new water tracker because I never drink water ever, and I do think I need that accountability. Now in the morning, I track it. 

Fay: Everything you want is there!

Dale: And it's easy to use, too. I managed to teach an elderly woman in my Workshop, and showed her the barcode scanner, so if she can do it, anyone can. 

What do you love about Connect?

Fay: Connect is so positive. Everything on there is about lifting each other up. There are no trolls; no one to drag you down. It’s a great place to be if you want to feel good.

Dale: It’s only for WW members, so we can post our transformation pictures or our meals, and nobody is going to judge. Everyone on there is rooting for each other. 

Fay: It’s a place to feel confident. I post pictures on Connect that I would never post on Instagram.

Dale: Sometimes on Instagram you see people who look like a Greek god - it's not realistic. 

Do you have any tips for members who have got to goal? 

Dale: When I  got to goal, my Coach said to not just leave and think my journey was over. It was valuale advice, and I'd actually planned to carry on anyway. My tip is to keep doing what you're doing: the exercise, the walks, whatever it is - just keep going. Also stay mindful of what you're putting in your mouth. I think it's easy to relax once you're at goal, but you need to keep your eye on the ball.

What advice would you give to people on the journey but may be having a bit of a wobble?

Fay: I wobble all the time! But setting mini goals really helps, and as time goes on, the numbers do change. If you can get support from your partner or a friend/family member, that will help too. For us, the support we got from each other was the most important thing, and what kept us going.

Dale: I couldn't have reached my goal without you.

Fay: Try and stay focused and don’t give up - you’ll get there!