Anahid: Exercise is a way to clear my mind

Falling in love with running helped Anahid reach her health and wellness goals.
Published 2 April, 2019
"Overall, I want to be healthy and look after my body, my mind and have a long and happy life."


Weight loss: 2st 1lb 
Age: 38
Workshop: Venue 28, Beckenham, Kent
WW Coach: Georgina Santos De Jesus

Kick-starting the journey

I love my job as a brand marketing director. But travel, parties and client dinners come with it, which means regularly sitting down to indulgent meals or eating on the go. When I couldn’t zip up my favourite dress before a night out in 2013, I realised it had all become too much.


Seeking support

I felt unsure about going to my first WW Workshop. But my WW Coach, Georgina, was young and glamorous. She immediately got where I was coming from. It hit home to me that feeling fabulous doesn’t just happen – it takes a bit of work, and there is no shame in seeking support.


Catching the running bug

Not long after joining WW, I also became a member of a gym. One day while on the treadmill I decided I’d start running. But it didn’t happen as easily as I’d expected, so I downloaded the One You Couch to 5K app. I stuck with it, and over time, my running got better. Once I felt more confident, I started entering some 5k, then 10k and half marathon events and gathering some medals, which felt amazing! Next, I began training for the Virgin Money London Marathon. My dad died of cancer in 1994 when I was 13. I always feel – especially on big runs – that he is with me. I ran the London Marathon in 2016 in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, in memory of him. I couldn’t believe I’d done it – I’d become a marathon runner!


Life balance

Now running is less about pushing myself to the limit and more about me-time. I enjoy my job, but it’s very busy, and exercise is a way for me to clear my mind or sort out my thoughts. Overall, I want to be healthy and look after my body, my mind and have a long and happy life.