Success Stories

Abbey: Being a bridesmaid inspired me to get healthy

A less-than-flattering picture taken at her sister’s wedding prompted Abbey to transform her lifestyle
Published 10 July, 2018
"On a hen do in Ibiza, instead of covering up, I wore a bikini for the first time, and it felt great!"

Start weight: 12st | Weight loss: 1st 1lb* 
Current weight: 10st 13lb 
Height: 5' 6" |  Age: 26
Studio: Buckingham Community Centre, Buckinghamshire
WW Coach: Allyson Horner 

My reality check

When my older sister Chloe got married two years ago, I thought I looked great in my ruched, plum-coloured bridesmaid’s dress. Walking down the aisle, I felt fantastic, but when I saw the wedding pictures, I wasn’t happy. My face looked puffy and I was carrying extra weight on my tummy and hips – I felt disappointed in myself. 

Student life

My weight wasn’t a problem until I went to uni. As a student, I relied on cheap plates of pasta or chips, which made my weight creep up to 14st. Then, I accepted a work placement and rented my own place. After settling in, I joined WW Digital. As well as cooking healthier meals, I joined a gym and started swimming three times a week. By 2012 I’d reached goal, having lost 4st.

Doing it on my own

In April 2015, I accepted a year-long work contract in Dubai. I embraced the vibrant party culture and the endless array of fast food options. The healthy habits I’d learned from WW fell by the wayside and it wasn’t long before I began to put back on the weight I’d lost. By the time I moved back to the UK, I’d regained over 2st. With Chloe’s wedding approaching, I knew I wanted to slim down, but I made the mistake of trying to do it on my own. Hence that cringe-worthy bridesmaid photo...

Going to WW Workshops

I knew something had to change, so I went back to WW. Going to Workshops was hugely motivating. Discovering that I could still socialise with my friends while following the programme was such a relief. In fact, in 2017 I went to five weddings, three hen parties, and a holiday in Jamaica. One of the hen dos was in Ibiza, and instead of covering up in a sweaty swim dress and sarong I was wearing a bikini for the first time, and it felt great!