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Welcome to Premium

You're getting even more out of your membership so you can find the right Workshop for you! We’re going live from morning to night with our team of Virtual Workshop Coaches from all over the country—how’s that for variety?

Already attending Workshops? Your plan is now called Premium and there’s a new way to log in virtually:

  1. Your new hub is Workshop Finder on or in the app. Starting 17th December 2020, you will access Virtual Workshops through Workshop Finder instead of via Connect groups. You won’t have to bookmark a Zoom link or search for a physical Studio location in Connect.
  2. Browse the schedule by Coach profiles, or date and time. Through Coach bio links, you can filter by gender, home life, location, and passions. Choose from over 200+ Workshops led by our team of Virtual Workshop Coaches nationwide, at the time that best fits your day.
  3. Select the link for the Workshop time you’d like to join when you’re on the Coach’s profile or on Workshop Finder, and you’re all set! You will need to be logged in with your Premium account in order to be admitted to the Workshop.

Make Virtual Workshops work for YOU

  • Fit Workshops into your lifestyle: Whether you’re cooking dinner or taking an afternoon walk, you can tap into a Virtual Workshop anytime.
  • Spend more time with WW friends and family: Get the whole crew together for a Virtual Workshop and celebrate your successes, together.
  • Attend in-person, too: As WW Express Workshops keep reopening, you can return to in-person Workshops and drop into as many as you want, virtually.

Get added accountability

  • Meet your match: Try as many Workshops as you like to find a Coach who inspires you and a group that resonates with you. Then join the Coach’s dedicated Connect group—you’ll open up your WW network to their members across the country!
  • Set goals with your Coach: Create an action plan together for the week ahead, and stay connected throughout the week between Workshops.

Our Virtual Workshops have a 97% satisfaction rate...

But don't just take our word for it!