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Get myWW meal planning inspiration, with KickStart!



Our three-part menu plan has 15 days of mealtime inspiration to help you boost your journey on our myWW programme. Whether you’re on Green, Blue or Purple, you can follow the menu plans day-by-day or mix and match; just choose meals that fit with your SmartPoints budget and you’re good to go. 





KickStart part 1


In this booklet you’ll find 5 days of meal ideas to help you kickstart your journey on our myWW™ programme. Whether you follow the menu plan day-by-day or mix and match, you’ll have plenty of delicious choices that everyone will love.





KickStart part 2


Here’s another 5-day plan, based on a mix of easy-to-prep meals and recipes the whole family can enjoy. Share your favourites with the WW community on Connect, and also see other members’ favourites, using #kickstart.




KickStart part 3

The final in the series, this 5-day plan gives you another batch of delicious meals that you’ll want to revisit again and again.


Want more food inspiration?

WW app

You’ll find it in the WW app


myWW™ cookbook

You’ll find it in the myWW™ cookbook, available to buy in WW Workshops

WW magazine

You’ll find it in each issue of the WW magazine

If you have a visual impairment, these menus are available in large print and audio CD via our Customer Service team. Please email to request your copies. You’ll also find the MP3 files here: