All you need to know about SmartPoints®

So, how does WW work?



We love food!

Food is one of life’s greatest joys. It nourishes us and keeps us strong. We don’t believe in ever going hungry and we don’t believe any food should be forbidden.  

Eating healthier makes life better. And it tastes amazing.  


Hello SmartPoints

SmartPoints is a simple counting system and it’s really easy to use. SmartPoints is a revitalisation of the ProPoints system. SmartPoints nudges you towards nutritious, healthier foods so that you eat better, feel better, have more energy AND lose weight. Now that’s what we call smart!

With SmartPoints, foods that are higher in sugar and/or saturated fat are higher in SmartPoints values.  Foods that are higher in lean protein are lower in SmartPoints values. You’re steered towards healthier choices.

  • Every food is assigned its own SmartPoints value — an easy-to-use number based on four components: calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein
  • Protein lowers the amount of SmartPoints values that something “costs.” 
  • Sugar and saturated fat increase the SmartPoints values. 


How does it work?

When you join WW, you’ll be given a personalised SmartPoints budget which takes into consideration your current weight, height, gender, and age. It’s made up of a daily allowance, plus a weekly allowance to spend on splurges, bigger portions or going out. SmartPoints values are easy  to track as they’re always whole numbers and we’ll supply you with the tools to work them out; so it’ll be easier than ever to keep track and make healthier and more satisfying choices.




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