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Everything you need to know about SmartPoints®

Besides the fact that our system is based in science.

Food is one of life’s greatest joys. It nourishes us and keeps us strong. We don’t believe in ever going hungry and we don’t believe any food should be forbidden.

Nothing's off the menu on the WW programme. When you sign up, you'll be given a personalised SmartPoints Budget, which you can spend how you like, and the tools to quickly and easily track your SmartPoints each day.

Eating healthier makes life better. Not only does it taste amazing (check out the fantastic recipes you can eat on WW), it's also easier than ever, thanks to our simple SmartPoints system and handy WW app. 


What are SmartPoints?


SmartPoints is our way of making nutrition science simple, and is designed to help guide you to a healthier pattern of everyday eating.

Our SmartPoints system assigns every food and drink a point value - one simple, easy-to-use number based on calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein.

Foods that are higher in sugar and/or saturated fat are higher in SmartPoints values, and foods that are higher in lean protein are lower in SmartPoints values.

When you sign up to WW, you'll get a SmartPoints Budget to 'spend' however you like - check out these top tips for using your SmartPoints Budget.

SmartPoints values are pre-calculated, so when you search for a food in the WW app, the SmartPoints will show up alongside it. All you have to do is track, which is super simple. Find out how to track in the WW app.

The app is available in the App Store and Google Play. 


Personalised to you


When you join WW, you’ll be given a personalised SmartPoints Budget which takes into consideration your current weight, height, gender, and age.

It’s made up of a Daily Budget, plus a weekly allowance (also known as your weeklies) to spend on splurges, bigger portions or going out. Find out more about your SmartPoints Budget.

You can also save SmartPoints you don't use. Up to four unused daily SmartPoints automatically roll over into your weeklies. You can use those weeklies whenever and however you want during the week.

SmartPoints vs. calorie counting


ZeroPoint™ foods


And the best news of all: WW recognises hundreds of ZeroPoint foods which you don't have to measure or track.

ZeroPoint foods are exactly what they sound like - foods that have zero SmartPoints value. Why? These nutritional powerhouses form the basis of a healthy eating pattern.

You can eat ZeroPoint foods without measuring or tracking and still lose weight. This is because they're less likely to be overeaten than other foods.

So, you'll always have something delicious to eat, even with only a few SmartPoints to spend!

Find out more about ZeroPoint foods.

Start eating better than ever