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It's no secret that healthy habits pay off, and now they earn you free rewards too!

WellnessWins™ is a benefit from WW that inspires you and your members to keep healthy habits going strong. WellnessWins™ is tracked via our app, so if you’re a D&S (Digital and Studio) member, Digital only or a Gold member with access to our app, every healthy move you make like tracking a meal, an activity or recording your weight earns you credits (we call them “Wins”). Rack up the Wins and cash them in for real-life rewards delivered right to your door for free.

You don't have to do anything except track and the WW app automatically counts your Wins for you. Then redeem your Wins for your gift of choice. Here is a breakdown of how many Wins earned per activity:

  • Track breakfast - 5 Wins/day
  • Track lunch - 5 Wins/day
  • Track dinner - 5 Wins/day
  • Earn at least 1 FitPoint® - 5 Wins/day
  • Track your weight via the App - 25 Wins/week

Tracking is such an important habit that we want to recognize and reward you for doing it. It doesn’t matter if you track a cheeseburger or broccoli, a walk around the block or a 10k, or if the number on the scale goes up a little—what matters is that you keep up the tracking habit, because consistency, not perfection, is what gets you the Win. And every Win adds up to valuable rewards.

You can earn Wins in all categories for information entered in the app seven days prior and seven days into the future.

Note: You must track your weight on the WW app to earn Wins for tracking your weight.

It takes 1,500 Wins to earn a reward from tier 1, which will only take most members approximately 9 weeks. Tier 2 is available at 3,000 Wins, and tier 3 at 4,000 Wins.

In your Wins Dashboard you will see a breakdown of your Wins. Tap on “Browse Rewards” at the bottom of the screen to see all of the rewards available. Like what you see? Tap on an individual reward to read details about it and redeem your Wins! (At this time, you can only redeem your Wins through the Journey tab in our mobile app.)

You can redeem your Wins any way you want. After all, you earned them!

As you earn more Wins, you can “unlock” higher tiers of rewards. You can redeem your Wins for something you want right now, or save them up for something bigger. Wins don’t expire as long as you are an active member.

Rewards change periodically and some items will only be available in limited quantities, so be sure to check back to see what’s new!

Success isn’t just about the scale; it’s about building habits that last a lifetime. So we’re recognizing and rewarding those habits by giving you credits—we call them Wins—for the steps you’re taking to reach those goals. As you earn more and more Wins (and find those healthy behaviors becoming healthy habits) you’ll unlock higher tiers of rewards—along with bigger products and experiences.

You’ll receive personalized emails that recognize your achievements by showcasing how many Wins you’ve racked up, and offer encouragement and strategies if you need a lift. Think of WellnessWins™ as your own personal inspiration assistant.

Total Wins are all the Wins you’ve earned so far on your journey. Available Wins are the amount of Wins you have available to redeem for rewards.

As long as you’re tracking and/or attending Workshops, you’ll earn Wins. There is no cap on the amount of Wins you can earn.

Yes! At this time, we will continue to reward Workshop + Digital members 50 Wins for weighing in through the app. When you attend your Workshop in Studio and go through your Wellness Check-in with your Coach, your weight will be recorded in the app so you can continue to earn Wins. However, these Wins will not show up in your Workshop attendance history yet, they will only show up in your total earned.

You will only earn Wins for activities tracked within 7 days of today. 7 days back and 7 days forward. Which means if you forgot to track your breakfast yesterday, you’re in luck! If you forgot to track your breakfast last month, not so much.

Unfortunately, you do not earn wins for tracking snacks, only for foods tracked at meals.

WellnessWins™ is included with every Digital + Studio (formerly Monthly Pass) and Digital Only subscription—delivery included! Unlike other rewards programs, there is nothing extra for members to buy. It’s our way of celebrating our members’ commitment to taking the everyday steps that lead to big changes—and making their journey easier and more fun!

Members will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of redemption and a notification once it’s on its way.

At this time, there are no refunds or exchanges. All of our rewards were chosen to delight so we hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you receive.

According to agreements with our partners, some rewards and perks are only eligible to new or first-time redeemers. We are always adding new rewards and partners to our program, so please keep your eyes on the other prizes!

Fees for WW subscription plans are not part of the available rewards. You may redeem your Wins for any of the rewards listed in the WW app.

You are free to switch between subscription types but you must use the same WW Username if you want to keep your Wins.

Check to see if your activity monitor is successfully synced. (Sometimes there’s a syncing delay.) Wins for activity only appear after your device has synced or if you manually enter an activity. If you’re still having trouble, you can give us a call on 0345 345 1500 for additional help.

Double check your Wins Dashboard to make sure you’re not expecting Wins for behaviors that don’t actually earn Wins. (For example, if you’re a Digital + Studio member and you track your weight in the app.)

If you feel that there has been a mistake, please reach out to us on 0345 345 1500 and we’ll help you resolve the issue.

As long as you are an active member, your Wins will remain in your account to redeem whenever you wish. However, Wins will expire 2 weeks after cancelation of your account.

Yes, you can go into the streaks page from WellnessWins™ to switch to the meal that will help you most (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) whenever you’d like. When you switch your streak type, you will lose any active streak, and can only be on one streak at a time. Once you have a streak of two or more days for any streak type, you will always be able to see your Personal Best for that streak type in the streaks page. This is available for iOS devices at this time.

Discuss with your healthcare provider about whether tracking your weight, food, water, activity and sleep patterns is suitable for you, and if so you are welcome to use these tracking tools and continue to earn Wins, to redeem rewards, by tracking them.

Earning Wins as a Gold member is exactly the same as any other member with digital tools.

As long as you are tracking, you're good to go.