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Programme Basics

At WW, we’re always evolving. That’s because we pay attention to the latest science - and, we listen to YOU. We’re constantly working to make our award-winning weight-loss programme even more liveable and sustainable - and that’s why we’ve once again re-engineered our program to help you reach your goals without missing out on a single delicious moment of your life.

Introducing the WW PersonalPoints™ Programme!

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Our latest programme. PersonalPoints™, brings together three groundbreaking innovations to provide a truly personalised path to weight loss. And “personalised” isn’t just a buzzword - It’s scientifically proven that individualised approaches lead to greater engagement, and greater weight loss, than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our PersonalPoints™ Programme delivers a never-before-seen, truly individualised path to sustainable weight loss for every member. It makes losing weight and reaching your wellness goals simpler, easier, and more liveable than ever before. You get:

  • Personalised ZeroPoint™ foods lists: Now you control what’s included in your ZeroPoint™ foods list. (With our experts by your side, of course. Partnership!) You tell us the foods you love and can’t live without and we build a science-based plan that helps you stay full and feel satisfied while losing weight.
  • An algorithm that makes healthy choices even simpler: We’re crunching even more nutritional data, so now foods with fibre (to help you stay full) and better-for-you fats are lower in Points than before.
  • New motivation: You can grow your Budget by building certain healthy habits that will help you reach your goals.

PersonalPoints are different from SmartPoints in a number of exciting ways!

Our Points system got a major refresh

Our brand-new algorithm crunches even more nutritional data, so you’re guided towards the very healthiest choices.

We’re rewarding foods higher in fibre and healthy fat

That means avocado, almonds, and some wholegrains are now lower in Points than before!

We’re nudging you away from added sugar and unhealthy fat

Some foods may have gone up a bit in Points, but you’ll still have plenty in your Budget for the ones you love.

Second, ZeroPoint™ foods are now completely personalised, based on which foods you tell us you love. Before we had three ZeroPoint™ lists; now, your ZeroPoint™ list is customised to you.

Third, you can choose how to spend - and earn - your Points. You’ll earn Points for doing healthy behaviours like eating non-starchy vegetables, reaching a daily water goal, and getting active.

For each serving of non-starchy vegetables (approx 80g), you’ll earn 1 Point to your daily Budget. (Unlimited!) You earn that Point because non-starchy veggies have a ton of healthy benefits, thanks to their fibre, vitamin, and mineral content.

When you reach your daily water goal of 1.75 litres, you’ll earn 1 Point to your daily Budget. (Limit 1 per day.) You earn it because drinking water supports your wellness journey.

By getting active, you’ll earn Points to your weekly Budget! (Unlimited!) You earn them because being active has powerful health benefits, leads to greater weight loss , and helps you keep it off long-term.

Now you never have to worry about running out of Points because there’s always something healthy you can do to earn more!

Our mission is to help you develop healthy habits, rooted in science. To deliver on that promise - and ensure that only the best programmes reach our members - we spent over two years rigorously testing our new programme with more than 6,000 members across the globe.

What does that process look like? We have a science team dedicated to researching the latest in nutrition and behaviour change principles to better understand what might make your journey easier. We used those learnings to update our Points formula and create individualised plans that fit how you live your life. We then tested our new programme with members, followed by a 6-month study conducted by university researchers.

Long story short? We did our homework so you can jump right into the new WW programme, confident that it will help you achieve success.

PersonalPoints™ make healthy eating simple by boiling complex nutritional information down into one easy-to-use number. There are six components that make up a PersonalPoints™ value. Calories are part of the equation; saturated fat and added sugar drive the PersonalPoints™ values up, while fibre, protein, and unsaturated fats drive it down. Our scientifically-proven system is designed to guide everyone towards a healthier pattern of eating with foods that are higher in fibre, protein, and unsaturated fats (the better-for-you fats) and lower in added sugar and saturated fat (the less good-for-you fats).

Yes! No matter where in the world you are, you’ll experience the WW PersonalPoints™ Programme.

On WW there’s one food plan - yours. You’ll get a unique PersonalPoints™ Budget calculated specifically for your metabolic rate and weight goals that you can spend on any food you choose. You’ll also get a personalised ZeroPoint™ food list designed to include your favourites while successfully losing weight. There’s nothing cookie cutter about WW! And as always, you can be confident that no matter what your plan looks like, it’s designed to guide you towards a healthier pattern of eating, nudging towards foods higher in fibre, protein, and unsaturated fats (the better-for-you fats) and lower in added sugar and saturated fat (the less good-for-you fats).

Our nutrition experts designed a simple and effective series of questions to help us understand which foods you love most and reach for often. From there, our revolutionary PersonalPoints™ Engine builds your unique ZeroPoint™ foods list, adjusting your personalised PersonalPoints™ Budget to ensure that you can eat what you love and still lose weight!

Just sign up for WW and download the WW app! From there you’ll be guided through a series of simple and effective questions to help us understand which foods you love most and reach for often. Our revolutionary PersonalPoints™ Engine will then build your personalised ZeroPoint™ food list, adjusting your unique PersonalPoints™ Budget to ensure that you can eat what you love and still lose weight!

If you already have the WW app, make sure it is updated to the latest version - 9.11. (here’s how) Once you’ve done that just open the app! When the PersonalPoints™ Programme launches you’ll be guided through a simple but effective series of questions about the types of foods you eat often and enjoy. Then our PersonalPoints™ Engine will take your answers and build a personalised food plan just for you.

On WW, your PersonalPoints™ Budget and ZeroPoint™ foods are custom-built for you. After all, what works for your friend or family member might not work for you! That’s why we use a scientific calculation of your individual metabolism (based on your age, height, weight, and biological sex) and then adjust it based your food preferences and whether you want to lose weight or maintain your weight.

But if you really want to have the same list as your friend or family member and you like the same types of foods, you can go back to the PersonalPoints™ Engine and re-answer the Qs to get a new ZeroPoint™ food list. While it’s not a guarantee that you’ll end up with the exact same ZeroPoint foods™, it’s more likely.

Keep in mind that no matter which foods are on your ZeroPoint™ list, the WW program is designed to be flexible and liveable for everyone. So if avocado is on your spouse’s ZeroPoint™ list but not on yours, you’ll have enough PersonalPoints™ in your Budget to make room for it! And if eggs are on your ZeroPoint™ list but not your spouse’s, same deal! That way you can both eat eggs and avocado and still feel satisfied while losing weight. We’ll also help with meal planning, portioning, and goal setting–skills that will keep everyone on track to reach their goals.

The goal of the questions is to understand your food preferences so we can create a personalised plan that truly fits your life. It’s not a test, so don’t get too caught up in being exact and answer what first comes to mind. Many people think of “most days” as more than half the week.

It comes down to how you feel! Are you finding it very hard to stick to your PersonalPoints™ Budget every day? Do you rarely eat the foods on your ZeroPoint™ list? Are you not losing weight? Those are pretty good indications that you might want to go back to the PersonalPoints™ Engine and re-answer the questions to get a new ZeroPoint™ food list. The WW programme is designed to be flexible and liveable and if shaking it up will help, we’re all for it. After all, we’re here to help you succeed!

Yes! You’ll be able to see the Points® you’ve earned from tracking non-starchy veggies and from reaching your water goal under your "Daily Remaining" number at the top of your WW app home screen. (You’ll also be able to see earned Points® in the vegetable tracker and water tracker sections.) You’ll be able to see the Points® you earn from activity under the “Weekly Remaining” number.

The minimum number of daily PersonalPoints™ you might have in your Budget is 14. Everyone’s Budget is personalised to them (based on a scientific calculation of your metabolism, including your age, height, weight, and biological sex) and designed to create an energy deficit that promotes a healthy rate of weight loss (for most people, that’s 1–2 pounds per week, although you may see more at the beginning.)

The minimum number of weekly PersonalPoints™ you can have in your Budget is 14. Current members may notice a decrease in their weekly Budget. That’s because, for the first time ever, your Budget is just the starting point! You’ll still spend PersonalPoints™ on foods that have Points. But now, for the first time ever, you can also add PersonalPoints™ to your weekly Budget with healthy habits by moving more. For every PersonalPoint™ you earn from activity, a Point will be added to your weeklies.

Yes. Our programme is designed to follow you on your journey, meaning your PersonalPoints™ Budget actually adjusts as your body changes. A smaller body uses less energy and requires fewer PersonalPoints™. If you've been tracking your weight change in the app, you may see your Budget (and possibly even your weeklies) decrease over time. This is a good thing - it means you’re making progress towards your goals!

If your PersonalPoints™ Budget has gone down, we understand that you might be feeling a little anxious about it. Change can be unsettling - even a little scary. And while it’s true that your personalised ZeroPoint™ food mix might mean a slightly lower PersonalPoints™ Budget, remember that this it’s just the starting point! You can now earn Points® for each serving of non-starchy veggies, for reaching a daily water goal, and getting active. And you still have your weekly Budget and rollovers for extra flexibility!

If your PersonalPoints™ Budget has gone up, that might feel unsettling too. Can you really have a higher Budget and still lose weight? The answer is yes. Our team of registered dieticians designed the algorithm to balance your personalised ZeroPoint™ food list with your PersonalPoints™ Budget to ensure a healthy rate of weight loss. We’ve tested this programme with thousands of people and it has proven effective.

If you decide that your personalised ZeroPoint™ mix doesn’t quite fit your life, you always have the option to switch it up. You can retake your food quiz by going to Profile > Settings > Food Settings > Food Plan.

Our research among thousands of consumers showed that being able to earn Points® into both parts of your Budget (dailies AND weeklies) was the best balance and introduced the most flexibility. Being able to earn Points® to your dailies is completely new (and pretty exciting, if you ask us!) and helps encourage healthy habits on a daily basis. It gives you control and flexibility to utilise Points® in the moment and during that week. And rest assured this is all accounted for in your Budget! We’ve made adjustments to both your daily and weekly Budget calculations to ensure that you can confidently earn both dailies and weeklies - and spend them - while still losing weight at a healthy rate.

Yes! Your Healthy Eating Zone will be personalised to you. The Healthy Eating Zone ranges from 8 Points below your starting daily PersonalPoints™ Budget to 10 Points above it. So if your daily PersonalPoints™ Budget is 24, you can get a blue dot if you track between 16 and 34 Points in a day. As you earn Points from eating non-starchy veggies or reaching a water goal, this range remains in place based on your starting daily Points.

The Healthy Eating Zone is your daily PersonalPoints™ Budget plus a little wiggle room. This range is intentionally designed to reinforce the fact that you don't have to be "perfect" to be successful - sometimes you'll be a little above or below your daily Budget and that's okay!

We established this range (-8/+10 from your starting daily Budget) to give you more flexibility day-to-day. The lower end of the range encourages you to make sure you’re eating and tracking your meals throughout the day (stopping after morning coffee will leave you shy of the Healthy Eating Zone range) and the upper end of the range accounts for your ability to use your weeklies and any Points you earn as you see fit.