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We offer two ways to follow the plan, which give you as much or as little support as you need. You can go to Wellness Workshops, follow the plan 100% online, or get the best of both worlds and sign up to Premium. Whatever works best for you.

Premium - Guidance and motivation from a trained Wellness Coach who has been in your shoes and is dedicated to helping you lose weight, plus the support of WW members just like you. To find a location convenient for you, use our Studio Finder. Worried about finding a good fit? You can change your workshop whenever you want to.

You’ll also get our digital tools on the WW app, website, along with access to our Online Coaches who you can contact whenever you need help in-between your weekly workshops.

Wellness Workshop - All of the benefits of attending a weekly workshop as outlined above, without access to the online tools.

Core - If you don’t have time to attend a weekly meeting, or it’s not for you, you can follow the programme 100% online. Get our proven WeightWatchers plan, plus digital tools and expert help from our Online Coaches whenever you need it.

You’ll need to enter the access code from your starter voucher to complete your sign-up on our website. Either a valid credit card or PayPal account is necessary to complete the sign-up. You’ll be charged each month at our monthly rate until you cancel, so there's no need to pay when you attend a WW Workshop.

  • Go to the homepage on our website >
  • In the centre you'll see the sign-up options, on the left in blue is 'Activate ,Subscription' - click 'Get Started' in that box.
  • Enter the Access Code printed on your Premium Starter Voucher.
  • You'll be asked to create a username and password. Make a note of these, you'll need them to log in to our member site.
  • You will need to enter payment details and your address information.
  • Once you have completed the sign-up process your temporary Premium pass card will be displayed, please print, or take a photo because you'll need it at your first WW Workshop.

** Please note that you’ll be required to pay for the next WW Workshop you attend if you don’t complete the Premium sign-up process on our website and show your temporary card. Remember, the sooner you complete your sign-up for Premium, the sooner you can start using WW DigitalTools.

A WW Gold Member is a WW Workshop member who has hit an agreed goal weight that’s within their healthy BMI (or above their BMI if a note from their doctor has been provided).

Gold membership is a valuable benefit for WW Workshop members and helps them maintain their goal weight long term.

As long as a Gold member does not go more than 5lbs over their goal weight they can attend their workshop for free each week.

When you hit your goal you’ll be given a Gold member voucher code giving you access to all our digital tools for a reduced fee.

If you do go more than 5lbs above your goal weight you will only have to pay the weekly fee for the weeks you are outside that 5lb range.

As a Gold member, you’ll never need to pay a joining fee again even if you’re above your goal weight.

And a further benefit is never paying “missed” week fees again, even if you’re above your goal weight.

Gold members must weigh in five times a year. If you weigh more than 5lbs over your goal weight you’ll be charged the weekly fee until you are back within your +5 lb goal range, but you won't have to pay another registration fee or for missed weeks.

As a Gold member, you’ll never have to re-register at a physical WW Workshop or pay a joining fee. If you have your Gold membership card, please bring it to the Workshop with you. If you don't, please contact our online Coaches who can assist. Head to and click on "Chat with a Coach. They can help to locate it for you.