Half Hour of Happiness Challenge | WW UK

Introducing #HalfHourofHappiness

We’ve got a brand new challenge for you!

If lockdown has taught us anything, it's to prioritise our health and happiness. With that in mind, what makes you smile - dancing, reading, crafting? We challenge you to carve out half an hour every day this month to do just that.

Need inspiration to fill your 30 minutes? No worries - we've got plenty of ideas! Scroll down to check them out. You've also got happiness at your fingertips in WW app, from finding a new recipe, joining a Virtual Workshop, relaxing with a Headspace meditation or streaming a live workout.

Let's shimmy into April feeling positive - there's lots to look forward to, after all!

Finding your #HalfHourofHappiness

Here are a few ideas to get you started. The only rule? Choose whatever makes you feel happy!

Your #HalfHourofHappiness tracker

Behold...your happiness tracker for the month!

To edit your card, first take a screenshot or (if you have an iPhone) hold your finger on the image and hit ‘add to photos’ from the pop-up.

Editing on an iPhone

- Tap ‘Edit’ in the top right corner, then tap the circular icon with the three dots (also in the right hand corner). This is the ‘Markup’ tool.

- Hit the plus button on the bottom toolbar and select ‘Text’ to type and add emojis. Hit save.

Editing on an Android phone

- Edit your image using the features along the bottom to add text or emojis. Hit save.

Once you've completed your card, post it to Instagram - or Connect (if you're a WW member - making sure to include the hashtag #HalfHourofHappiness. Happiness is even more powerful when shared!