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Everything you need to know about FitPoints

See what FitPoints are, how you earn them, and why they'll help you get more active.
Published 29 November, 2018

What are FitPoints?

Just like SmartPoints® help you be mindful of what you're eating, FitPoints® help you become aware of how active you are. You earn FitPoints for all physical activities - from running and resistance training to "activity in disguise," like gardening or cleaning your house. 

FitPoints are personalised

FitPoints takes into account your height, weight, age, and gender, as well as the type of exercise you're doing and the duration, to calculate a personalised amount of FitPoints for all of the activities you track.

And no matter what activity you choose, you'll earn FitPoints for doing it. You can find lots of workouts in your WW app, from guided video workouts to ones you can livestream in your living room!

FitPoints are precise 

Just as all calories are not created equal, the same is true for activity. The FitPoints algorithm reflects that reality and motivates you to include high intensity exercise and strength training into your fitness routine. (Strength training and high intensity activities earn extra FitPoints!)

100 calories burned walking is not the same as 100 calories burned lifting weights or running. FitPoints understands the difference.

FitPoints are efficient

The most common reason members give for not engaging in regular physical activity? Time! Depending on the activity, you can earn more FitPoints in shorter amounts of time so you can reach your fitness goals faster.

What can I do with FitPoints? 

You can use them as a way to see progress, or you can swap them for SmartPoints (more on that below). And every time you track activity, you earn WellnessWins that you can redeem for really cool rewards.

How are FitPoints calculated? 

FitPoints are based on your weight so that you can get an accurate measure of the energy you expend. You’ll receive a personalised weekly FitPoints goal based on your current activity level. 

Here's the easiest way to track your FitPoints: Sync your fitness device to your WW app!

Can I swap FitPoints for SmartPoints? 

You can! Swapping is just one of the many tools we have to keep the programme flexible and livable.

We believe in moving more because it gives you more energy, helps you feel comfortable in your own skin, and is vital in helping you keep off the weight you lose. Plus, it just feels good. But we also want WW to work for you. So if you're really active and swapping FitPoints for SmartPoints makes the programme more livable for you, keep doing it. If you’re not seeing the results you want, stop. 

There are two options for swapping:

  • Swap weekly SmartPoints first. If you've used all of your weekly SmartPoints, you'll use any FitPoints you’ve earned. You can tell how many FitPoints you have left by looking at 'FitPoints remaining.'

  • Swap FitPoints first. Once you’ve used your daily SmartPoints, you'll use any FitPoints you’ve earned. Once you’ve used all your available FitPoints, you'll move into your weekly SmartPoints

How do I swap FitPoints for SmartPoints?

You can enter your activity manually in My Day on the app or sync a fitness device and let it do the tracking for you! And every time you track activity, you earn Wins that you can redeem for really cool rewards.

This is important:

You’ll need to earn the FitPoints equivalent of 3,000 steps a day before you can start swapping any additional FitPoints for SmartPoints. (That’s 3-4 FitPoints a day for most people). Why? Your daily SmartPoints allowance is calculated on the assumption that you're doing some level of everyday activity - e.g., walking around the house, food shopping. After 3,000 steps, any additional FitPoints can be swapped one for one for SmartPoints.

Can I change my FitPoints goal if I want to? 

Yes. You can change your goal by going into your activity settings in the app or on

For iOS

  1. Click on your profile (the icon in the upper right corner)

  2. Tap Settings (it looks like a gear in the upper right corner)

  3. Tap Activity Settings > Current Goal

  4. Adjust up or down

For Android

  • Click on your profile (the icon in the bottom right corner)

  • Tap Settings

  • Tap Activity Settings

  • You’ll see your current goal. Tapping that will allow you to change it up or down.

Have more questions? 

Chat with us 24/7. You can also check our frequently asked questions.

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