Plan Basics

You’re on the right track!

Whether you’ve just joined for the first time or are restarting your weight-loss journey, here’s all you need to know about WW
Published 11 December, 2017

The programme is more flexible than ever. With SmartPoints, no food is off limits – you have a personalised daily (and weekly) SmartPoints allowance to spend as you please. There are also plenty of ZeroPoint™ foods to choose from, so you’ll never go hungry – even if you’ve used up all of your SmartPoints!

You’ve got more freedom to enjoy food. Your weekly SmartPoints are brilliant for all those little extras such as a sweet treat at the end of a long day or a meal out with friends at the weekend. But you can also roll over up to four leftover SmartPoints into your weeklies each day, which can help even more towards special occasions and celebratory dinners.

Tracking will help you eat more healthily. Not only will you become aware of how many SmartPoints you’re using, but you’ll also see what and how much you’re eating, which will help you figure out where you can make improvements. Your WW Coach (or Online Coach) will also be able to help you learn how to make healthier choices along the way. 

Need to get moving? Exercise is important, but not everyone falls in love with it straightaway. Instead of forcing yourself to follow a strict workout regime, you can move more at a pace that suits you – doing as much or as little as you can. It’s about having fun with fitness rather than seeing it as a chore – so whether it’s taking a walk, playing with the kids, or going to the gym, do something that you enjoy!

You’ll be thinking more positively. Starting a weight loss journey is hard, but you’re not alone. With fellow WW members in your WW Workshops and on Connect, there's plenty of help if you need it. Don’t be afraid to turn to them when you’re in need of a little extra support.