Live mindfully

This technique will help you tune into your body and reduce stress.
Published 30 January, 2017

“Be here now.”

It’s not just a new-age slogan. A growing body of evidence suggests that paying attention to the present without judgment can help you feel more optimistic, have higher self-esteem, and have happier relationships, all of which will enhance your life — and help your weight loss.1, 2

Ready to get more mindful? The technique below will help you tune into your body, reduce stress, and improve your feeling of well-being.3

(HINT: You might want to read through your activity first, or even record the steps on your smartphone’s voice memo app, so you can practice without stopping).

  • Take a few deep breaths, feeling yourself relax as you exhale.
  • Focus on the sensation of your feet touching the floor.
  • Mentally move up your body, noticing your legs touching the chair.
  • Notice your back pressing into the chair back.
  • Bring your attention into your stomach area. If your stomach is tense or tight, let it soften. Take a breath.
  • Now focus on your hands-if they are tense, try to let them soften.
  • Do you notice any sensation in your arms? Relax your shoulders.
  • Move on to your neck and throat, soften and relaxing them.
  • Soften your jaw; relax your facial muscles.
  • Be aware of your whole body. Inhale. Be at home in your body. Exhale. When you’re ready, open your eyes.