Height to weight chart

Are you a healthy weight for your height? Our handy height to weight chart has the answer.
Published 30 November, 2018 | Updated 30 January, 2023

Are you a healthy weight for your height? See the weight chart here for the recommended minimum and maximum weight ranges for men and women, by height in cms and weight in kilos.

Being overweight or underweight puts you more at risk of developing health complications. For example, your immune system and bone mass may be at risk if you're underweight, and you have a higher chance of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes if you're overweight.

If the chart suggests you may be overweight, the WeightWatchers® weight-loss programme can help. You can expect to lose 1-2lbs (that's 0.5-1kg) per week on our personalised plans with the support of our 4.8* rated app, weekly Workshops and thousands-strong community.

BMI calculator

Calculating your BMI (Body Mass Index) is also a useful way to check whether you're in the healthy weight range.

BMI is a measure of weight-related health risk. It measures your weight in relation to your height, in order to estimate body fat percentage.

Check your BMI using our handy calculator below.

Please note: As everyone is built differently, and some people may have a heavier muscle mass than others, a BMI reading may not always be the best indicator of a healthy weight. Use our BMI calculator as a guide and if you're concerned, ask your GP for help. Find out more about the limitations of BMI.