Add Points for activity, your way

Your weekly Budget called - it wants to add Points for everything you do to build a stronger body.
Published 20 October, 2021

Boost mood! Improve self-esteem! Lower risk of disease! If the benefits of staying active came in a box, it could boast all of the above. We’d also slap one more benefit on the label: regular physical activity paired with healthier eating habits (hello, Points® !) leads to 20% more weight loss.

Who doesn’t want in on that? But, first, a question: what does physical activity actually look like?

Is it you dripping in sweat? No. Is it you training for a 10K? Only if that’s your thing. Ultimately, activity looks like things that don’t necessarily have to look like working out. Daily stuff - cleaning your house, weeding your garden, chasing your dog - it all counts. Literally.

Two ways to move more

  • Live workouts: Join our Healthy Body Healthy Mind group in Connect to livestream workouts into your living room, garden or local park. From Walk with WeightWatchers to Club Fit, we've got workouts whatever you're in the mood for.
  • When you’re not in the mood: Try 'temptation bundling' - pairing whatever you’re putting off (say, ten minutes of yoga) with whatever sparks joy (maybe the latest episode of that series everyone is talking about). Soon, those endorphins will be kicking in.