13 things you didn't know the WeightWatchers® app could do

Scan, sync, search. Chat, track, share.
Published 22 August, 2019

Newsflash: your WW app includes a tonne of great tools to help you reach your weight loss and wellness goals. Start with the list below to make sure you're cashing in on all of them!

1. One-tap tracking

When you’re at the supermarket, you can scan the barcode of a packaged food to get its Points® value. Save it, make it a favourite, or track it on the spot, and view a list of all your scanned items for quick reference. Check out this handy guide to the barcode scanner.

2. Sync to your activity device

Sync your fitness device to the app and it’ll automatically track the Points® you earn from activity. Result!

3. Daily recipe suggestions

At the bottom of My Day screen is Recipes, a treasure trove of delicious ideas. Browse ideas like the Quick & Easy, No Cook, Low Points and many more. Basically, all the things you want to eat live there. 

4. Support from Siri

iOS users can have Siri help them maintain their healthy habits. Ask Siri to track your breakfast or tell you how many Points you have left. Over time, Siri will learn your habits and help recommend shortcuts to keep you on track!

5. Create recipes  

Have a meal you eat regularly? The app has a Create a Recipe feature that lets you save it and quickly track it any time (no more typing in each ingredient separately). Have a certain food you eat all the time? Tap the star beside its name and the app will mark it as a Favourite for easy tracking.

6. Weekly techniques 

Every week we pick a science-based topic that we know will help you succeed on the WW programme. The Weekly Technique, which you can find in your app, is updated every Sunday.

7. Virtual high-fives

Lost 5lb? Reached an activity goal? You’ve earned some well-deserved recognition. We’ll send you messages when you accomplish milestones on your journey. 

8. Build your community

Connect, our private, members-only community on the WW app, is a huge source of inspiration. These are your people - come meet them!

9. Join the blue dot challenge

Ever wondered what those blue dots are on your Journey tab? They represent days in the Tracking Zone, which means you’re on the right track. See if you can earn a streak and post about your #bluedotchallenge success on Connect!

10. Swap recipes

Share your favourite WW recipes via text or email, right in the app. If your friend already has the app installed, the recipe will automatically open so they can save it (and track it) themselves.

11. See your journey

Add your why, track your weight, see your progress, connect with others...it's all here.

12. Choose your goals: weight loss or healthy habits

WW is about wellness for your whole life - that’s why you can choose to lose weight or maintain your weight while continuing to build healthy habits. Choose your option in Settings.