Your mental wellbeing

Food and fitness are key parts of your get-healthy journey, but your wellbeing is equally important. Here’s why…
Published 16 October, 2017

What is mental wellbeing?
Your mental wellbeing includes how you’re feeling – both in general, and about yourself – and can affect how you cope with day-to-day situations. It doesn’t only impact your emotions, but also your self-esteem and how you interact with others.

Why is mental wellbeing important?
Being in a good state of mind means you’re better equipped to deal with stress, and you’re likely to be more productive and feel more confident, as well as feel happier. And when you’re on a weight-loss journey, all of these things will help you stay motivated so you can reach your goals, and handle plateaus or setbacks without losing focus.

What affects my mental wellbeing?
Your mental state is changeable, and can be different from moment to moment. It might dip due to stress, worry, a relationship, work issues, or sometimes the reason is less obvious. It could be helpful to keep a journal or jot down notes on your phone when you’re feeling down, to help you discover what triggers a low mental state.

How can I improve my mental wellbeing?
Everyone has different methods of boosting their mental state, but here are a few ideas to get you started on your journey to feeling more positive…

1 Spend time with friends, family, or anyone who makes you feel good. Building positive relationships could help give you a greater sense of belonging and a chance to share your feelings.

2 Get moving – whether it’s at the gym, participating in a sport you love, or just going for a walk. You’ll be racking up FitPoints® as well as improving your mood!

3 Do something you’ve always wanted to try, such as a cooking class, a fun craft project, or a physical challenge like rock-climbing or running a 5k. Learning a new skill could help you feel a sense of achievement and boost your confidence.