World Happiness Day: Elle's top tips for staying positive

At times like these, it's more important than ever to maintain a positive mindset. In this World Happiness Day blog, WW member Elle tells us how she stays positive, happy and healthy.
Published 12 March, 2020

Hi everyone, my name is Elle (@wwgoldmember_elle on Instagram) and for this World Happiness Day, I will be sharing my tips I've learnt along the way when it comes to feeling good.

Happiness...what does it mean? What does it feel like?

I used to think it meant having that end goal in sight and once I had reached my goal, I would automatically be ‘happy’. Being on WW, I have realised that I can choose to be happy every day. It’s my decision. 

Happiness is contagious. It helps make the world a kinder place and it's what keeps us all going. My mindset has been a huge part of my journey with WW - I love how WW focuses on all aspects relating to health, not just weight. So without further ado, here are some of my tips. 


I love to run and walk along the coast whilst listening to the peaceful sounds of nature. I've also found a love for weights the past six months, which makes me feel powerful!

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Having Headspace® meditations in the WW app is brilliant. I listen to these most days, and there is something for every mood. It has taught me a new level of awareness that I never had before. It's also made me notice and appreciate the small, beautiful things in life. 

It's also taught me to slow down and breathe. Something as simple as taking 20 minutes out of my day to sit down and enjoy a cuppa in peace, or have a relaxing bath, makes me feel happy. I also enjoy spending a few minutes before going to sleep to think about five things I'm grateful for that day. This helps me fall asleep and wake up happy.

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I only really learnt to cook and experiment with food a couple of years ago. Now I love to discover new recipes from the WW cookbooks, WW app, Connect and Instagram. Seeing the finished result makes me feel very clever!

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Although I'm an introvert and enjoy my quiet time, I love to socialise too. Making plans with friends is my release, especially when it involves food and drink - I love a brunch date! I always try to leave at least 2-3 nights per week free for 'me time'. I have to ensure that there’s a healthy balance so I don't burn myself out.  

WW has given me so much hope, confidence and motivation. I enjoy spending time in my local Workshop and really use that time to reflect and better myself. I love the WW app and how I'm in charge of my day. It gives me a real sense of security and I have never felt more appreciated being part of a team. When I was asked to be an ambassador I was over the moon and so proud of myself!

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Even though it's World Happiness Day today, it’s not all smiles, all the time. I still struggle some days and that's completely normal. It’s all part of my journey and reminds me to keep going and stay positive.

Don't get me wrong, other people can add to your happiness, but it is only yourself who can make you truly happy. Remember, happiness is a journey, not a destination.

I hope you've enjoyed my blog and have learned something that can help you in your everyday life when it comes to happiness!

Love Elle x