Live your ‘why’

Hit a roadblock on your weight loss journey? Take a step back and focus on your ‘why’.
Published 16 August, 2019

We’ve all been there: you step on the scales and the number that shows up on the display isn’t what we wanted.

This can make your weight-loss goals can feel out of reach. Try taking a step back and focus on your ‘why’ – that is, the reason or reason for embarking on a healthy journey to begin with – and you’ll soon be feeling great again.


What to do


1. Envision your ‘why’

Go back to the purpose behind everything you’re doing for your health. Maybe it’s all about having energy for your children, or being able to get out into nature on hikes and bike rides - or just feeling good in your own skin. Picture your reason. What does your ‘why’ look like to you?

2. Review your week

Think about what you did over the past week and acknowledge anything that threw you off-course or any events that got in the way. Where did you spend your time? What challenged you?

3. Give yourself credit

Focus on other actions you took towards your ‘why’ – even if you didn’t eat or move the way you intended. If, for example, your ‘why’ is to be more active in your kids’ lives, think about all the things you did to support them. Did you play a game together, or talk to them about how their day went?

4. Choose a small goal

If you can’t think of ‘why’-related actions you took this week, don’t worry. Just choose something small you can do today or tomorrow that gets you closer. So, if your ‘why’ is being your most energetic self, maybe go to sleep a little earlier tonight. Pick an easy win, and go for it.