Published 5 February, 2019
  • Research reveals body positivity has risen 80 per cent in two years
  • Over 600 Weight Watchers members surveyed across 7 countries speak of
  • positive attitudes to body image
  • Television found to be most influential force on body confidence (66 per cent) over social media (64 per cent) and magazine covers (55 per cent)

London (June 28, 2018) – Results of the Weight Watchers 3rd Annual Body Image Survey have revealed attitudes towards body image have become more positive in the last two years, with 79 per cent of respondents feeling more body confident in 2018 versus 44 per cent in 2016. The reasons why these respondents claim they feel more confident is simply down to making changes that make them feel better about their image or have learned to love themselves and their “flaws”.

The survey reveals the attention is shifting away from the numbers on the scale as 82 per cent said “focusing on health” changes the way they see their bodies and one participant revealed they “used to feel really defeated looking at all the fit women in Instagram. Now I look to them for motivation.”

The global survey of Weight Watchers members shows a correlation between this dramatic rise and a switch in focus to fitness and strength from traditional weight loss. Indeed, the rising popularity of “strong not skinny” around the world is evident as “working out” rang in as the top response for when respondents felt best about themselves for the third year running.

65 per cent identified their upbringing as one of the biggest influences on their body image. Mindful of how conversations about body image and shape can affect younger generations, 64 per cent said they are conscious of how they speak about their bodies in front of children.

Respondents near unanimously agreed (94 per cent) their body image has changed over time and the number who “never or almost never” compare their body to someone else’s has dropped 15 per cent in comparison to previous years. Only 18 per cent of respondents admitted to comparing themselves to others on social media. This is in line with respondents finding their body image is predominantly influenced by television (66 per cent) followed by social media (64 per cent) and magazine covers (55 per cent).

Claudia Nicholls, Marketing Director at Weight Watchers, comments: “It is fantastic to see attitudes towards body image changing for the better on a global level and that body confidence is no longer limited to the numbers on a scale. Weight Watchers inspires members to adopt healthy habits with an integrated approach covering mindset, activity and food. These survey results demonstrate that joining the WW weight-loss programme and being part of community of like-minded individuals can change members’ perceptions of body image and encourages them to feel more positive and confident in their own skin.”

To view the full Weight Watchers Body Image Survey please visit https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/article/ww-3rd-annual-body-image-survey.

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The full Weight Watchers 3rd Annual Body Image Survey which saw over 600 participants answering multiple choice and open-ended questions in the UK, Australia, Canada, Greece, Brazil and the US.

is available in the August issue of the Weight Watchers magazine and online at https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/article/ww-3rd-annual-body-image-survey

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