Four new ways to care for yourself and the planet

Published 22 May, 2017

Keeping fit does your body good… and it could help the environment, too. Mark World Environment Day (Monday, 5 June) with these new eco-friendly ways to stay active

Swap your transport
Walking, biking, running, or jogging instead of taking the car will earn you FitPoints® and save fuel. They’re not only environmentally friendly options, they’ll also help you keep fit while commuting to work, going to the shops, or taking the kids to school.

Join a green gym
These free outdoor ‘gym’ sessions encourage health and fitness by having volunteers warm up, then take part in conservation activities such as planting trees and sowing fields before cooling down. It’s a good aerobic workout, and there are sessions to suit all abilities. Find a Green Gym near you.

Toil in the soil
Looking for a good upper body workout? Plant a garden! Shovelling, planting, raking and composting will help tone your arms and shoulders while making your back garden an oasis for butterflies, insects, birds, and other creatures. Even just 30 minutes of low-intensity gardening (where you sweat lightly and can talk easily) racks up around 2 FitPoints (based on a 10st person).

Be a volunteer
Many communities have organised volunteer groups to help clean up local green spaces, roadsides, and coastlines. Check in with your local council – if it doesn’t have one, you could suggest starting one up. Or, head to your nearest park or beach and simply pick up any trash you spot while walking. Not only will your community look better, you’ll feel fitter, too.