6 feel-good hobbies we’ve picked up over the last year

From calligraphy to candle-making, these are some of the activities that have put smiles on our faces during lockdown.
Published 18 March, 2021

First it was banana bread, then TikTok videos, and now we've tried pretty much every craze going in a bid to keep ourselves happy and entertained over the past 12 months!

Take a look at some of the new hobbies WW members and employees have fallen in love with during lockdown - you might get inspired!


The art of beautiful handwriting, calligraphy is really easy to get started with. You can pick up calligraphy sets pretty cheaply - they usually come with a few pens (each with a different sized nib), ink cartridges, paper and instructions on how to master classic alphabet scripts. It’s a really relaxing and therapeutic activity, and a handy skill to have up your sleeve for writing birthday cards or wedding invites!

Language learning

We might have all been stranded on home soil for the majority of the year, but language-learning apps like Duolingo and Babbel have made it easy for us to brush up on our foreign lingo. From French and Spanish to Latin and Chinese, loads of us have used this time at home to start learning a new language. Fingers crossed we’ll be able to put our skills to the test on a well-deserved holiday soon!


During what’s been a turbulent year (understatement much?!), more and more people have turned to journaling in order to keep their mental health in check and make sense of their thoughts and feelings. There’s no right or wrong approach to journaling, so give it a go and see what works for you. Try jotting down some of your favourite memories or creating a poem or short story.

Painting by numbers

The latest retro hobby to make a comeback, painting by numbers has helped loads of us unleash our artistic sides during lockdown. From cityscapes and beach scenes to flower arrangements and animals, there are literally thousands of different options to pick from. You can even turn your favourite photos into painting by numbers canvases!

Hula hooping

If you thought hula hoops were just for kids, think again! In a bid to find new fitness challenges and get us out of our home workout ruts, loads of us have turned to the trusty hula hoop. You can get a great workout from a normal hula hoop, but if you want to increase the intensity you’ll need a weighted hula hoop. You can find loads of tutorials for beginners online, so what are you waiting for? Get shaking those hips!


Nothing says relaxation quite like a good candle, and there’s a lot of satisfaction that comes from making your own. Your best bet is to buy a candle making kit, which will have everything you need such as the wax, wicks and essential oils. Prepare to get a bit messy the first couple of times - there’s a bit of a knack to it! And let your creativity run wild when it comes to experimenting with scents - that’s half the fun!