5 ways to feel happier (and help beat the bad days!)

Try some new ideas this week and you could soon feel better, faster…
Published 5 January, 2016

Start your own happiness club
So, you know all about book clubs… but happiness clubs are the new way to turn a night spent with friends into something a bit special. Gather a few people you care about and spend an evening together swapping ideas on what could make you happier, stories and projects that make you all feel great. According to research, happy people are socialisers – all the more reason to share the joy.

Soak in some morning sun
Want to make the most of sunny summer mornings? Go for a walk between 8am and noon. Take in the sun’s rays for 20–30 minutes, when the blue light is at its highest level. This helps regulate your internal clock, and in turn your sleep schedule. Time to get out there and feel great.

Make decisions early in the day
You know the feeling. It’s 11am, breakfast is a memory and the biscuits are calling. You might go for an apple, but will you make good choices all day? Research shows that making big decisions in the morning prevents ‘decision fatigue’, so pack lunch and snacks before you head out (why not plan meals with the WW app?) Also, to help with tracking, check out our Journal, available to buy in our online shop.

Be kind to someone else (yes, it works)
We all know kindness makes the world a better place, but randomly doing something lovely for another person can have a surprisingly positive impact on you, too. Research shows acts of kindness – especially spontaneous ones – not only make the recipient smile, but they boost happiness in the person doing the deed, as well as improving self-esteem. It’s a win/win!

Inspire the new you
For a slimmer, healthier, happier you, you need to stay focused – so, try this visualisation trick. Create a ‘New Me’ board and include pictures or objects to show how you’ll look and feel when you reach your target. Maybe it’s a photo of something that says ‘healthy’ to you, or those fab jeans you’d like to wear. Use all your senses when you look at it – what do you see and feel? – and put it somewhere you’ll see it every day. Prefer doing it online? Try Pinterest.com or the Evernote app.