Food & nutrition

Make your SmartPoints work harder

Follow these clever tips to get the most out of your daily allowance.
Published 11 September, 2017

Choose fat-free
Using 0% fat quark or natural Greek yogurt as a base for creamy sauces, curries and dressings is a great way to keep the SmartPoints low without sacrificing any of that indulgent creamy texture!

Sweeten with fruit
Love sweet treats? Try mixing grated fruit or sweet veggies into your bakes – not only will you need to add less sugar, your cakes will stay lovely and moist too. And if you usually stir honey into your morning porridge, add a few sweet berries or a chopped banana instead.

Fill up on lean protein
Lean poultry, seafood and plant-based sources of proteins are often much lower in SmartPoints than fatty red meat and processed foods. Try swapping regular pork sausages for Heck chicken sausages, beef mince for Quorn, and making your own bean burgers in place of beef patties.

Get alcohol savvy
Planning a night out? Skip the sugar-laden cocktails and keep it simple with a gin and slimline tonic. Other budget-friendly options include Becks beer at just 3 SmartPoints per bottle, and red wine for 3 SmartPoints per small glass. Or, keep your night out alcohol-free and go for sparkling water, a fruity mocktail or Becks Blue Alcohol Free Beer for just 1 SmartPoint per bottle.

Pack in the veg
Many veggies are zero SmartPoints, so they’re a great way to bulk up meals. When you have almost maxed out your daily Budget, use courgetti instead of spaghetti, boodles instead of noodles, and blitzed cauliflower instead of rice. Not only will you save on SmartPoints, you’ll up your veg intake too!