How to make the most of ZeroPoint™ foods

You probably have a handful of favourite go-to ZeroPoint foods you turn to time and time again, but the key to ongoing success is getting to know as many of them as you can. Here's how to incorporate a few more into your day.
Published 22 January, 2020

We all know that ZeroPoint foods are healthy, easy to have to hand and have a 0 SmartPoints® value. And we all know that means you can enjoy them without weighing, measuring or tracking, regardless of what colour plan you're on.

But what you might not know is that studies have found that members who incorporate ZeroPoint foods into everyday eating are not only losing weight but are more successful than when they didn't incorporate them. So it makes total sense to bring more of them into your day and here are six easy ways to do that.

1. Start building your meal with a ZeroPoint base - we love cauliflower rice! Then top it with protein, veggies and a tasty sauce.

2. Choose portion sizes that are right for you, based on what you'd usually eat. You can always have more if you're still hungry.

3. Planning a meal out at the weekend? Lean on ZeroPoint foods during the week so you'll have weeklies and rollovers to spend on your meal out.

4. Reach for ZeroPoint foods when you want a snack. We love a fresh fruit salad tossed with shredded mint and a little lime zest and juice.

5. Don't eat only ZeroPoint foods. Limiting yourself to certain ones is a recipe for boredom.

6. Discover new ZeroPoint meal ideas in the WW app, on Connect or in one of the WW Cookbooks.