How to enjoy a tipple and stay on track

You might think you have to steer clear of the bar when parties & celebrations roll around. But with a little forward thinking (plus some clever recipes) you can raise a glass or two and stay on track. Cheers to that!
Published 21 November, 2019

Drink in moderation

Alcoholic drinks are often high in sugar and calories - no surprise then, that they tend to be high in Points® too! They also tend to make you less able to resist temptation, and more likely to veer off track. So try to confine your drinking to pre-planned events rather than spontaneous sessions!

Choose drinks that are lower in Points

Clear spirits, such as gin and vodka, tend to be relatively low in Points, especially when coupled with slimline mixers - a vodka and slimline tonic, for example, is just 2 Points.

Beer and cider, meanwhile, can vary wildly in terms of Points. So if they're your preferred tipple, a little forward planning in terms of which are the most budget-friendly will go a long way. 

If you're a wine drinker, remember that it's a choice that comes with a relatively high Points value. Try interspersing glasses of wine with glasses of water.

Make your own cocktails

Cocktails are everywhere over the party season, but they can be tricky to track if it's not clear what's actually in them. But if you're having people over, you'll be totally in control of that, and there are plenty of choices that are surprisingly low in Points. Try this prosecco berry cocktail or our dark 'n' stormy cocktail recipe in the app.