Food shopping on a budget

Watching the pennies when you’re eating healthily is easier than you might think. Keep to your financial AND Points Budget with these simple tips.
Published 27 July, 2023

The COVID-19 crisis has had widespread implications on everything, from our daily routines to our mental health. And with more than a quarter of UK workers furloughed* the financial implications are also very real.

To stay on budget - speaking financially and in terms of Points® - it's more important than ever to plan ahead when it comes to mealtimes. Can you batch cook to save money, for example?

Your regular trip to the supermarket is a good place to start. With a few easy changes, it’s possible to enjoy a healthier lifestyle without going over-budget.

Here’s how:

1. Shop solo

Some supermarkets are asking us to only send one adult per household when our weekly food shop swings around, to help slow the spread of coronavirus. Since it’s all too easy to give in to “pester power” when the kids are with you, this could actually work in your favour. If you're able to, try leaving them at home.

2. Stock up on beans

They’re high protein, super versatile and great value. Check out these easy baked beans recipes.

3. Make a shopping list

And stick to it! That way, you won’t be blown off course and start buying impulse items you don’t need.

4. Buy your favourite items in bulk 

Yes, it costs more at first, but that two kilo bag of rice is cheaper in the long run than four 500g bags.

5. Go slow!

Slow cooking means you can use cheaper cuts of meat, which adds up to big savings over time.

6. Grab a basket instead of a trolley

That way, you won’t have room for any last-minute extras or impulse buys. Added bonus: your arms will get an extra workout!

*Correct on 2 June 2020.