6 ways to avoid weight gain this Christmas

Preparation and having the right mindset can guide you through the festive season.
Published 16 September, 2018

How are you feeling about the party season? Are you confident you can stay on track? Do you plan to give yourself a little extra leeway? How are you preparing for parties, gatherings and big family meals?

Remember, self-talk can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you expect to give into the temptation of festive treats and extra portions, your weight loss goals may suffer.

So why not adopt a positive mindset and tell yourself it's possible to stay on track this Christmas? On the WW programme, you can still enjoy mince pies, mulled wine and crunchy roast potatoes. It's all about making your Points® Budget work for you.

To enter the New Year without feeling like you're starting from scratch, the first thing you need is a positive attitude, says Dianne Siegelbaum, a WW Coach based in New York. "You can if you think you can," she says.

The second thing you need? A plan. People who keep their weight loss goals in sight are more likely to achieve them. Here's your six-point plan for managing your weight this Christmas.

6 tips to avoid holiday weight gain

1. Put things into perspective.

Take out a calendar and circle the days you think might present challenges. You'll probably see that there are a lot more opportunities to be on track than there are obstacles. With that in mind, it may feel more reasonable to expect success.

2. Identify your expectations.

Ask yourself what you want to achieve. Would you like to continue to lose weight? Would you be happy to maintain? Or are you planning on taking a break and starting things up again in January? If you know what you're aiming for, you'll be in a better position to forge a clear path towards your goals.

3. Say goodbye to guilt.

If you're ready to maintain, or prepared to gain a few extra pounds over Christmas, don't feel guilty. Instead, take control. "There is nothing wrong with taking a break," says Siegelbaum, "but decide how long you want the break to be." If you outline your limits, you won't feel like you're starting fresh in January.

4. Find ways to make it work.

Obstacles crop up all year round, so why not put your usual solutions into practise this time of year too? For example, you could add 15 minutes to your usual exercise regime if you've enjoyed a few days of good food, Christmas parties and festive drinks receptions.

5. Don't avoid the scale.

Stay aware of your stats, and you'll be able to make adjustments to stay on track.

6. Ask for help. 

You're not the only one heading towards Christmas with weight loss in mind. Look for people with similar goals - try Connect or your local WW Workshop if you're a WW member - and ask them about their strategies.