6 smart food shopping hacks

Top tips to save time, money and Points®.
Published 27 July, 2023

From the chocolate bars at the tills to the heady scent of fresh bread being pumped through the aisles, sometimes it feels like supermarkets are designed to derail your weight loss plans.

Following some simple shopping rules can help you avoid the trolley traps!


1. Make a list – and stick to it

Planning meals in advance and making a week’s shopping list is the best way to avoid buying things you don’t need. Add in one or two Budget-friendly treats, so you don’t feel deprived.


2. Learn the layout

Essentials, such as milk and bread, are often at opposite ends of the store. This is done on purpose, to make you walk down more aisles, seducing you into impulse buys. Get to know the layout, then head straight for the items on your list.


3. Leave the kids at home

Every parent knows pester power can be very persuasive, so try shopping online, popping out while the kids are at school or using the self-service tills, as these tend to be treat-free zones.


4. Beat the BOGOF

It might save ££s but could encourage you to eat twice as much. If you’re still tempted, agree to split the food with a friend and share the savings.


5. Use a basket

Supermarkets use sophisticated tricks to get us to buy more, such as placing high-calorie items at eye level or providing larger trolleys. Use a basket and you’ll fight the desire to fill up a trolley.


6. Never shop hungry

Research shows hungry shoppers buy more high-calorie foods. Always eat before you go, or pick up a weight loss friendly snack while shopping.