Take a walk

Hitting your 10k step count every day? That’s great! But even 10 minutes of walking is beneficial…
Published 26 March, 2018 | Updated 31 January, 2023

When you think of working out, you probably imagine gym sessions, going for a run or taking part in a fitness class. Walking tends to be overlooked, but you shouldn’t discount it – it’s easy, free, requires no special training or equipment, and just about everyone can do it. And it’s more beneficial than you might think…

Earn more FitPoints®

Just 10 minutes of casual walking could earn you 1-2 FitPoints. And over the course of a day, those 10-minute strolls will soon add up. If you shift your speed up a gear and walk with intensity for the same amount of time, you’ll earn more FitPoints.

Help your health

Brisk walking (where you can still talk, but you can’t sing the words to a song) is recognised as a form of moderate activity by the NHS, so it has similar health benefits as more intense forms of exercise. Benefits include helping to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, some cancers and even depression. And, of course, it will help you to reach your weight-loss goals. Use the BMI Calculator to work out your body mass index.

Feel better

Still not convinced that walking is the way forward? Putting one foot in front of the other can also help boost energy, clear your head and lift your mood. If you need support getting started, why not form a walking group with other members from your meeting, or ask a few friends to get involved. Consider gathering some colleagues to go for a brisk walk in your lunch hour or ask a few friends to get involved? Moving more together is always a good idea! Check out our easy walking plan.