Power your workout

Published 13 March, 2017

Want to get the most out of your workout? Of course you do! Try these tips to help your body perform at its best, even during the toughest of activities. 

Eat at the right time
When you eat could impact how successful your workout is. You need fuel in your tank, but you may feel uncomfortable if your stomach isn’t empty. So, wait two to three hours after a meal before you exercise and allow at least an hour to pass after you snack. Try to stick to carbohydrate-rich, low in fat and moderate in protein foods pre-workout, such as porridge with skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, or wholegrain toast with light soft cheese spread.

What you eat post-workout is important for muscle growth and repair. Eat a carbohydrate- and protein-rich meal as soon as you can afterwards – or within 60 minutes if you’re training more than once a day. A chicken salad with rice, or a veg-packed omelette with crusty bread are both good choices.

Try ‘self-talk’
If you’ve got a mantra that you love, try repeating it as you exercise. Some studies show that positive ‘self-talk’ can not only make you feel more inspired to keep going, but might even help the workout to feel easier. Don’t have a mantra yet? Simple but powerful phrases such as ‘Push through this’ or even ‘I can, I will’ work well, too.

Keep your goals in mind
Are you working out to support your weight loss? To feel more confident in skinny jeans? To improve your health? Whatever your aim is, keep it at the front of your mind whenever you’re doing a tough workout. Having something to workout for can be a great motivator.

Drink up
It’s always important to keep hydrated, but it’s especially good when you’re exercising. That’s because if your body is dehydrated, it won’t be able to perform as well. Always make sure you’re fully hydrated before starting a workout and, if you’re doing a high-impact activity that’s making you sweat, keep sipping water throughout your workout, too.

Find a distraction
If you want to try a new exercise, but think you’ll struggle to see it through, try distracting yourself while you exercise. Listening to music or a podcast while you run, or even watching a TV show when you’re on the treadmill or exercise bike, can all make the time feel as though it’s passing more quickly.

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