How to move forward with your fitness plan when the clocks go back

With the clocks jumping back an hour, here's how to keep your fitness momentum going during shorter and darker days.
Published 15 October, 2020

With autumn bringing shorter daylight hours, squeezing in an outdoor workout may feel trickier, especially if you like to exercise early in the morning or after work.

Up until now, you might have enjoyed a brisk morning walk in the sunshine, or an early evening stroll in the final hours of dusky daylight. However, as we wind our clocks back, our routines may need to change. (On the bright side, we get an extra hour in bed!)

Our mornings and evenings might be getting darker, but that doesn't mean we have to put our fitness plans on hold. Here's how to keep the momentum going this autumn and winter.

1. Livestream home workouts

Have you joined the Healthy Body Healthy Mind Connect group yet? It's the place to be if you want to livestream fun workouts into your living room, and participate alongside your WW community! Workouts run throughout the week and are varied to suit all tastes, from walking and yoga to Club Fit.

2. Sign up for an indoor exercise class

If you'd prefer some in-person action, try an indoor workout at your local gym or community centre. From relaxing yoga to upbeat Boogie Bounce, there are a whole range of fun activities out there for you to try.

3. Join an outdoor exercise class

If you don't mind the cold (or coming home covered in mud!), try joining an outdoor class, like bootcamp or Boxercise. You might find you're more motivated to work out in a group than you would be alone, plus your heart rate will jump up so quickly you won't notice the cold!

4. Make the most of the weekends

With less daylight in the mornings and evenings, aim to spend time outdoors at the weekend, whether that's going for a walk or simply getting out and about.

Remember to check with your GP before starting a new exercise programme.