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Some things in life are better with friends

Invite your friends to WW – for each friend who joins, you’ll both get a free month* on us! 

How to share the love with your friends:

  1. Join or be a current member of any WW plan.
  2. Log into the WW app or member website to share your personal invitation link with your friends.
  3. As soon as your friend joins WW through your link, you’ll receive an email to let you know.
  4. Once your friend stays with WW for at least two weeks you’ll receive a free additional month added to your plan*.

Step 1: Sign up for WW today

Choose the subscription plan that fits you and your lifestyle best. 

Step 2: Invite a friend and get a free month

For each additional friend who joins, you'll both get a free month on us! 

Friends and WW Members Angie and Malou

Angie joined WW after her friend Malou recommended it and she's never looked back. "Malou really motivated me. When she reached her goal before me, she reminded me to remember what I'd already accomplished and supported me to keep going. When I reached goal weight and we both celebrated with a girls trip away!"

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*Invite a Friend Terms: To be eligible for the free month offer, your friend must purchase a WW subscription through their invitation link and continue the subscription for at least 2 weeks. The Invite a Friend Program cannot be combined with other joining offers for new or rejoining members. This offer does not apply to healthcare referrals, At Work schemes, iTunes memberships, WW staff accounts or non-paying Gold members. Must be 18 years or older and offer applies only to Workshop + Digital and Digital subscribers in mainland UK.