Jordanna and Brittany: ‘We motivate one another’

Twin sister Brittany and Jordanna are living proof that getting healthy together is one of the fastest and most rewarding routes to success.
Published 23 January, 2020

They live together, workout together, cook together, hang out together – and are smashing goals together one after the other…

Jordanna says: ‘Anyone who met me a couple of years ago would have struggled to imagine I’d become the person I am today. Back then I worked in a job I didn’t enjoy, was overweight, and had no self-confidence’.

Today, Jordanna has turned her life around and credits twin sister Brittany with helping her to get there.

It takes two


Jordanna says:

‘Many people say they have a love/hate relationship with the gym. For me, it was pure hate – but now it’s true love! At school I always despised PE and would do anything I could to get out of it. And it’s not surprising I felt that way, as I was always one of the biggest girls in school.

‘After I left school, I started working in a call centre. It felt as though life was just passing me by. It was then, when I was at my lowest, that I developed an unlikely ambition. Out of nowhere, I decided to take action to change my unhealthy lifestyle and take up exercise. The first step was to join a gym. But despite getting physically and mentally stronger, I was frustrated by the fact I was still overweight. That’s when I turned to my sister Brittany.

‘In those early days, Brittany would sometimes come to the gym with me and was often my guinea pig while I was trying new workouts. She was also a WW member and I was impressed by how well she’d done on the programme. We live together and she often cooked WW recipes – of course they were healthy, but I was surprised by how delicious they were, too. So I decided to join WW alongside her to try it for myself.

‘The first time I stood on the scales and saw I weighed more than 15st, I cried. But Brittany gave me a hug and promised I could do it. And she was right. As I started to lose weight, I also found exercise was becoming easier for me. I love working out so much now that I get upset if I don’t do it – even if it’s just me and Brittney taking Prince, our dog, out for a walk, which we do all the time. Fitness helps me work out all my aggressions and stress – Brittany says she actually thinks it makes me a more chilled-out person.

I reached my goal weight of 11st in July 2018 and have since lost even more, but for me it’s never been about wearing a certain size – it’s about having power. Exercise makes me feel so good. These days I’m strong and confident – I’ve even become a WW coach, which I love. I couldn’t have done it without Brittany by my side. She is my go-to fitness buddy in real life and my online inspo on Instagram. Gym sessions are our time to catch up on what’s going on in our lives. Plus, we motivate one another to push through tough workouts.’

Brittany says:

‘I’m real gym bunny - I love it! My favourite class is body combat, which I do once a week with Jordanna. After the class, we shower then head home, walk our dog Prince, and cook dinner. Jordanna and I do one big weekly grocery shop together, but I generally cook on my own as our family all eat different things and are shift workers so aren’t always eating at the same time. But occasionally Jordanna and I will cook together or share what one of us has made. I also help out at Jordanna’s WW workshop doing the weigh-ins. When she quit her old job and became a WW Coach, we were all so proud of her. I’ve never seen her as happy.’