Motsi: “I love that we’re a community”

Dancer Motsi lost 2st 3lb with WW!*
Published 3 December, 2020
When did you start your WW journey?

WW and I go way back! And it runs in the family - I remember my mum doing Weight Watchers. I first joined in my early twenties (when everything was on paper!) and then rejoined after my pregnancy. It worked for me then, and it's working for me now - I love the consistency and knowing you’ve found something that really works for you.

I chose WW because there’s freedom to eat what you like, including your favourite things. Because I wouldn’t be denying myself anything, I thought that’s what would work for me long-term. It was important for me to be like, "Okay, I can have my chocolate and I'm still losing weight”.

How much weight have you lost so far?

I’ve lost 14kg and discovered the importance of self-care. As a mum, I had to learn to take time to feel good for me before giving to my family and everything else that I'm doing. So it's important for me to say to myself, "Okay, what are you putting into your body so that you have the energy to do all these other things?”

What else has changed since joining WW?

WW gives me the confidence to be who I am. I’m enjoying being a mom, enjoying my job and enjoying having energy to do everything I love. For me, WW is not just a weight-loss programme - a big part of it is about developing self-love and self-compassion.

What do you love about the WW programme?

I love that we’re a community. And I love that everybody goes at their own pace. You don't have to feel rushed; you take your time doing something good for yourself. I think that's the most essential part for me.

It truly is a journey, not a sprint, which takes the pressure off and allows you to find joy in the experience. It’s about taking it day by day, at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

What do you love about the WW app?

The WW app is such a useful tool that you've always got with you. It’s changed the way that I choose my food, whether I’m at home, in the supermarket or in a restaurant. It's fun, too - there’s a whole community of people in the app so you don’t feel alone, and of course lots of nice recipes to choose from. I love the barcode scanner - I scan absolutely everything! There are also workouts, prizes to win, daily reminders...there’s lots to keep you going.

*Motsi lost 2st 3lb in 104 weeks.