A New Season of Health: WeightWatchers Launches First-Ever Global Summer Marketing Campaign

Published 5 February, 2019

LONDON (June 19, 2018) – Weight Watchers (“WW”) announces that it has launched a global, summer marketing campaign that celebrates the livability of the WW Flex® program and how it’s possible to enjoy the food, fun, and friends-and-family occasions tied to the season, while continuing to develop healthy habits.

The campaign is part of the company’s “Summer of Impact” and marks two firsts for WW: It’s the first time the company has implemented a truly global marketing campaign driven by a central idea and showing up similarly across all WW markets. It is also the first time it has launched a fully integrated marketing campaign in the summer. This campaign is in line with WW’s strategic vision announced in February to make wellness accessible to all and to inspire healthy habits for real life.

“Historically, we have focused on winter marketing campaigns as we know people feel more motivated in the new year to get healthy, but we understand the importance to live well and form long term healthy habits all year long,” said Chris Stirk, SVP & General Manager UK. “Weight Watchers can be a powerful partner in wellness year-round, especially since the livability of our new Flex programme makes it even simpler to get healthy while enjoying the best of summer.”

The campaign brings to life how the freedom and flexibility of WW Flex allows members to enjoy summer however they choose while living a healthy and happy life. We are spreading this message via our advocates and personal member success stories through digital and radio, to inspire the public to be healthy this summer.

The campaign will also support how living healthier is better when you do it together. The ease and flexibility of the WW Flex programme has WW members wanting to share the experience with people they know who want to live healthier lives. And now, WW has made it more rewarding for people to invite friends and family into the programme: When a member has someone they know join WW, they both get a free month added to their subscription plans. This benefit exists whether you are a current member or if you are just signing up for the first time. Additionally, the company – which has a global community of more than four million subscribers – has made it easier than ever for members to invite others to join, including a simple sharing capability within the WW app experience.      

This integrated global campaign will be supported across broadcast, digital, eCRM, direct mail, social and public relations. WW engaged ad agency Translation to lead the creative development and ad execution for the global campaign.

Additionally, last month, WW announced another “first” as part of its “Summer of Impact” initiative: a global social impact campaign, “WW GoodTM,” which aims to make health and wellness more accessible to all. Launching first in the US, a series of six mini-festivals will be open to the WW community, as well as their network of family, friends and colleagues. These events will run throughout North America and supported by a global hashtag campaign, #WWGood. This social initiative aims to encourage everyone – within and outside the WW community to share one small change they are making to improve their health. Each time this hashtag is shared, a donation will be made to help support under-served communities become healthier.

For WW Good, WW has partnered with WE, an organization that makes doing good, doable, by giving people the tools to take action on local and global causes, along with Wholesome Wave, a nonprofit that provides families in poverty with produce-purchasing power to make healthier food choices by providing affordable access to fruits and vegetables. Over the 12 weeks of summer, WW will donate a total of $650,000 to these non-profit organizations to support their efforts to make wellness accessible to people throughout the world.

For more information about the WW weight-loss program, please visit www.weightwatchers.com/uk and for more information about WW Good, please visit www.weightwatchers.com/wwgood.

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