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Your 5-day weight-loss meal plan

Wondering what to eat to lose weight? These printable five-day weight-loss meal plans are packed with healthy, easy-to-follow recipes the whole family will love and cater to a range of dietary requirements.
Weight loss made easy with WW


WW works because we consider the whole you - how you eat, think, sleep and move, and how all that impacts your weight-loss and wellness journey. Our latest programme, Points®, brings together groundbreaking innovation entrenched in the latest scientific research to guide you and provide a truly personalised path to weight loss.

Our programme makes weight loss easier (and more delicious) than ever

A plan that’s yours - and only yours

No two people are alike, so no two plans are alike. When you join WW, we’ll ask you a series of questions via our Points® Engine, then we’ll design your unique Points® Budget and individualised ZeroPoint™ food list.

Science, simplified

Based on groundbreaking nutritional and behaviour-change research, WW rewards you for healthy habits so you stick with them! For the first time ever, you’ll earn Points for doing healthy things like eating veggies, drinking water, or moving more.

Zero deprivation

Cook your favorite meals. Go to brunch, happy hour, and parties. With our programme, nothing is off-limits, and there are no restrictive rules - just balance. Simply track, live, and lose the weight you want.

There’s a membership for everybody

Answer some quick questions and we’ll match you with the membership that fits your lifestyle and goals.

Start today with the #1 doctor-recommended weight-loss programme!†

†Based on a 2020 IQVIA survey of 14,000 doctors who recommend weight-loss programs to patients.