Your 7-day dinner plan: No-cook recipes

When outside temps are too hot to handle, keep dinner light and breezy with these no-cooking-required suppers.
Published July 19, 2021

Sometimes the last thing you want to be doing when temperatures are soaring outside is stand over a grill or hot stovetop to get dinner on the table. Stay cool with these recipes that don't require any cooking at all.

Get creative with French-inspired tuna sandwiches or a riff on a Waldorf salad combining a creamy yogurt dressing and sweet juicy grapes. Try setting out a board filled with a variety of hearty deli salads to let everyone customize their own plate. This is also a great way to use up any fresh veggies in your fridge.

The key to no-cook suppers is having already-cooked proteins in your fridge, freezer, or pantry. These can be precooked by you earlier in the week (think: grilling up a few additional chicken breasts or hard boiling extra eggs and stashing them in the fridge) or store-bought ingredients like rotisserie chicken, canned/jarred tuna, canned beans, or frozen cooked shrimp. Keeping a variety of these around means you can whip up a filling, no-sweat meal in no time.