Holiday Cookie Roundup

WW recipes and tips for cookie swaps
Published December 8, 2021
And just like that, the year is almost over and the holidays are upon us. It’s time to get the holiday baking started and we’ve got a great roundup of WW recipes to choose from.

Our fav cookies

Check out this selection of cookie recipes to get into the holiday spirit. If you’re hosting or attending a cookie swap this year, these will save you time on planning.
Tips for a safe cookie swap

Cookie swaps are a classic holiday event and they are still possible this year– you just have to take extra precautions than you have in the past.

“Sharing food over the holidays is a major tradition for many friends and families. However, we need to be extra safe this winter when it comes to sharing homemade goods,” says Laura Ritterman, owner of Recipe Fairy. “My number one tip for safely sharing cookies at a cookie swap is to individually wrap each cookie.”

Ritterman buys bulk plastic baggies online and ties each one with ribbon after popping the cookie inside. “This not only looks nice, but it keeps the cookie safe from being handled by too many people.”

Minimizing touch at a swap is key, she explains.

“You should also be the only person handing out your own cookie to ensure there is minimal contact with them. Each person should also have their own gift bag with their names on it, so they can place the cookies into their own bag. This also mitigates confusion over who had what cookie as each bag is labeled.”

Other festive desserts

If cookies aren’t your thing, check out these other WW desserts that just might hit the spot this season.

Corn Panna Cotta with Fresh Blueberry Sauce: These creamy puddings are individually portioned and thickened without cream, making them healthier than alternatives but just as tasty.

Easy Cinnamon Rolls: These are a crowd-pleaser any time of year, but the recipe is so easy you could make it even on a busy holiday morning. If you have guests staying with you, this will be a perfect breakfast surprise.

Mini Vanilla Bean-Pomegranate Cheesecake Tarts: Garnished with dark red pomegranate arils and deep green mint, these will look perfectly festive at any holiday gathering.

Orange Upside-Down Cake: Warm, citrusy flavours are perfect for the holidays, and the vibrant colour of the oranges will look great on any holiday dessert table.

Vegan chocolate mousse: Chocolate mousse is always a crowd-pleaser, and this one is vegan, making it a safe bet for gatherings where people will have varied dietary restrictions. Garnish with fresh red berries and mint and a dusting of powdered sugar for a holiday vibe.