3 ZeroPoint foods to fill you up on myWW+ Purple

ZeroPoint foods are great... but what do you do with them? We've got surprising ways to use quinoa, sweet potato, and chickpeas.
Published December 21, 2020

ZeroPoint™ foods are super-flexible and can be used in lots of delicious (and unexpected) ways. Here are a few ideas to whet your appetite.

ZeroPoint Hero: Quinoa

Quinoa is a gluten-free plant-free source of high-quality protein.

Use it as a bowl base.

Layer quinoa in vegetarian bowls. You can treat it like a grain (it's really a seed), and it adds extra protein.

Try it out: Greek quinoa bowls with chickpeas, peppers, and eggplant

Amp up your oatmeal.

Put cooked quinoa in a bowl with skim milk and a little sugar. Microwave for a quick and satisfying hot breakfast.

Try it out: Coconut-quinoa with mango

Put it in your paella.

Quinoa makes a great stand-in for rice in paella.

Try it out: Quinoa paella

Quinoa contains a coating called saponin, which can make it taste soapy and bitter. Be sure to rinse it before you cook it, or buy pre-rinsed quinoa at your supermarket.

ZeroPoint Hero: Sweet potatoes

Turn it into toast.

Toasted sweet potato slices make a nutrient-rich replacement for bread.

Try it out: Bacon, egg, and cheese sweet potato toast

Add it to soup.

Sweet potato puree makes soups thick and rich, with almost no dairy. It also adds an antioxidant boost!

Try it out: Spanish-spiced roasted pepper bisque

Make a better batter.

Stir cooked, mashed sweet potatoes into quick-bread batter to cut back on sugar and oil.

Try it out: Sweet potato quick bread with pumpkin seeds

Not all sweet potatoes are the same. Japanese sweet potatoes have a thin, smooth skin, a milder flavour, and creamy yellow flesh.

ZeroPoint Hero: Chickpeas

Pro tip: Don't love the texture of chickpeas? Roast them in sheet-pan meals in place of starches. They'll get nice and crunchy.

Use them instead of eggs in sweet treats.

Pureed chickpeas add fibre and protein to no-bake cookie bites.

Try it out: No-cook peanut buttery cookie dough bites

Boost your burger.

Use chickpeas in veggie burger patties. It gives them a rich, slightly nutty taste.

Try it out: Chickpea and brown rice veggie burger

Power up pasta.

Add them to pasta dishes for more fiber and protein.

Try it out: No-mayo pasta e ceci salad