13 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Popcorn

The crunchy snack makes these recipes pop!
Published November 17, 2021 | Updated October 25, 2022

The real star of our favourite movies and Netflix shows? The bowl of popcorn! Aside from being the perfect salty snack to pair with your latest TV binge, popcorn is also great to eat during your weight-loss journey because it’s naturally high in filling fibre.

Looking for a popcorn snack that fits your Budget? Our WW shop has an entire section just dedicated to popcorn! But what if crunchy kernels were more than just a convenient thing to munch on and were part of something bigger, perhaps even more delicious? Now that’s thinking outside the pop!

WW got creative in the kitchen by using popcorn as the MVP ingredient to elevate cookies, granola bars, chocolate treats, stuffing, and more. Read on to discover all the out-there ways to use popcorn in your next meal and get your WW by Dash Fresh Pop Popcorn Maker fired up—it uses hot air instead of oil for the ultimate Budget-friendly snack!