Rodney said goodbye to his diabetes medication

After losing 16kg in 23 weeks, Rodney not only feels 100 per cent fitter, he’s got his type 2 diabetes under control.
Published 16 February 2022 | Updated 30 November 2022

Rodney's weight loss story

As the husband of WeightWatchers® phenomenon Anna Van Dyken (who lost 70kg and has kept it off for six years!), Rodney’s own weight benefited from Anna’s journey. But when a few unhealthy eating habits started to overshadow what he calls the ‘ripple effect’ of being on ‘team Anna’, causing his weight to creep up again, he decided to become a WW member himself. He shares why it’s one of the best things he’s ever done.

"After getting to my goal weight in 2013, the weight slowly crept back on. I wasn’t feeling 100% so after being diagnosed with diabetes in early 2012, I checked my blood sugar and sure enough, it was high. Plus, I’d also noticed my jeans were tighter. It was time to take control of my eating and change my habits, like Anna did."— Rodney

Q&A with Rodney

Knowing what you know now, what contributed to your weight gain?

“Even though I’d been eating healthy dinners, thanks to my wife Anna, for nine years, I wasn’t really paying attention to my breakfast, lunches or snacks, so the weight I lost as a result of Anna first joining WW slowly crept back on.”

Anna’s had great success on WW – couldn’t she just show you the ropes?

“Getting to my goal weight in 2013 was a ripple effect of what Anna was doing. I ate what she made, but I wasn’t responsible for tracking anything or finding and understanding the Points value of the foods and meals I wanted to eat. Because Anna lost her weight and has kept it off following the WW program, I just knew I had to join and make myself accountable. It was my chance to learn everything I needed to know to lose weight and keep it off.”

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What changed once you became a WW member yourself?

“This time I had to do everything myself. By tracking the food I ate during the day, it was suddenly very easy to see where my problem laid. I was using far too many Points on incidental foods. Through tracking, WW helped me take control. I slowed down on eating chocolate and biscuits and cut down on my alcohol intake. Another game changer for me was eating breakfast. I never thought it would make much of a difference but it’s had a huge impact, not just on my weight loss, but in managing my diabetes, too.”

Would you ever be tempted to try a different weight loss program?

“I’ll only follow the WW program. As well as changing your mindset and your daily habits, it teaches you better, healthier ways to eat and cook, rather than simply giving you prepared meals. Plus, the WW community are very supportive and helpful.”

So, six months since you joined WW, how do you feel?

“I feel 100 per cent fitter and have a lot more energy now. I no longer need to take my diabetes medication because as I lost the weight, my blood sugar levels dropped. And I feel so much better within myself.”