The lazy cook's guide to healthy dinners

A week dinners that you can throw together with minimal effort!
Published 11 April 2022 | Updated 25 October 2022

When life gets busy, you need some fast and healthy recipes to turn to. This week's dinner planner features just that! Quick and easy throw-together meals for "those nights" when the last thing you feel like doing is cooking dinner.

"Take stock of what’s in your pantry and fridge before you do the grocery shop. This will ensure you’ve always got staple ingredients on hand to whip up a quick meal."— Nicole Stride, dietitian

Emergency meals for when your poor on time

Whip up healthy dinners in no time with these basic kitchen staples. Follow individual packet instructions where necessary and then combine ingredients and cook as desired for a quick stir-fry, pasta or curry. Each five-ingredient meal idea is designed to serve four and can be easily halved or doubled to suit your needs.

Throw-together stir-fry

Combine 4 cups frozen mixed veggies, 500g frozen prawns, 2 cups microwave brown rice, 2 tsp garlic paste and 1 tbs soy sauce.Prawn stir fry

Thow-together pasta

Combine 240g dry pasta, 400g can tuna in springwater, 2 cups frozen broccoli & cauliflower mix, 400g can diced tomatoes and 1 tsp basil paste.Tuna pesto pasta

Throw-together curry

Combine 4 cups frozen mixed veggies, 2 tbs toasted cashew nuts, 2 x 400g cans chickpeas, 400ml can light coconut milk and 2 tbs curry paste. Cashew chickpea curry